Online recruitment: What are the benefits?

More and more of our lives are moving online, with countless industries moving much of what they do and their operations online, and recruitment is no exception. There are a huge number of reasons why online recruitment can be a great alternative to the more traditional alternatives that many businesses and recruiters have grown accustomed to over the past few decades.

Industries ranging from private banking to retail and much more besides, are all benefiting from online recruitment as their primary method of finding and employing key staff. With so many industries having moved online, those that made the move earlier and that have been better prepared, have weathered the storm caused by coronavirus far better.

Operating Online Saves Time

The beauty of doing things online is that almost everything is instant. No matter where you are or what time of day or night it is, applicants can send off job applications. Forget about manually entering data and the hassle of paperwork, with online recruitment they’re a thing of the past.

Employers can see replies to their adverts in real-time, and those applying can see new jobs appear as they are posted. This also means that once you have found the right candidate for a role you can stop letting people apply.

Less Paperwork

When you use online recruitment, the hiring process is as simple as clicking a few buttons to screen, filter and sort applicants. You can simply and quickly filter applicant data and flick through CVs without the hassle of physical paperwork. Not only does this make the process a lot quicker, but it also means that it’s a lot less hassle. Online recruitment has really streamlined the process of hiring.

Minimise Hiring Costs

Traditionally, recruitment can be an expensive business, with costs associated with advertising, travel and third-party fees to mention a few. However, online recruiting changes all of that. Online recruitment software lets you post advertisements in several places with just a few clicks. This massively cut down on the man-hours and costs associated with recruiting. For some businesses, particularly those that employ people in different regions and even across different continents, moving the recruitment process online is a much more efficient way to on board new employees. For example, a business making woven baskets, produced outside of the UK, can recruit staff remotely, rather than having to travel far and wide. That in itself saves a lot in terms of costs.

Flexible and Easy

One of the biggest selling points of online advertising is how easy and flexible it is. Online recruitment is incredibly easy and user-friendly. Platforms are designed so that anyone can use them, which means you won’t have to get to grips with complex new software. Online recruitment can meet a wide range of needs because it is so flexible. You can close your advertisement early, only allow certain candidates to apply and any number of other useful tools.  Recruitment has never been easier.

Reach More People

There is no doubt that the internet is a global phenomenon, and that means that your advertisement could reach a far greater pool of potential applicants. In the developed world it’s a real challenge to find someone not using the internet. With very little effort on your part, your advert will be accessible and visible to a huge number of people, increasing your chances of finding someone perfect for the role.

These are just a few of the fantastic ways in which online recruitment can take the stress out of the recruitment process. For both employer and potential employee, online recruitment offers a fast, flexible, simple and effective way to hire.