Opposable VR launches as Bristol takes centre stage in virtual reality boom

Opposable_SalvagedOpposable Games, the organisers of the UK’s largest virtual reality conference, has launched a new company focused on this growing area of technology.

Based in the Bristol Games Hub, Opposable Games have been developing VR experiences for the last few years in their own games, and in the award-winning projects they put together for businesses.

Run by Ben Trewhella, an experienced technology entrepreneur, the team have formed Opposable VR and brought in proven growth and operations expertise in the form of CCO Chris Price and COO Nan Xu.

Ben Trewhella said: “TV, animation, web, mobile – Bristol has always played host to innovative studios and agencies that put together technology and creativity to create exciting projects.

“The latest technology that is setting the creative and investment world alight is virtual reality (“VR”), and as usual, Bristol is leading the way in this new and exciting field.”

The new VR company is already working with brands chomping at the bit to open new markets with the new technology.

It has also signed up blue chip clients and hardware partners to deliver new products in events marketing, healthcare, gambling and consumer entertainment, as video games and other 360 experiences.