‘Our aim is to work with organisations who are looking for proven partners on their digital transformation journey’

Business Leader recently spoke to Zensar – an international digital solutions firm to discuss how they are helping business grow their online platforms.

Can you tell us about how you can support businesses?

Zensar is a leading digital solutions and technology services company who partners with global organisations on their digital transformation journey. With 10,000-plus associates in 24 locations across the UK, Europe, US, South Africa and India – we deliver digital change at scale. Our client-centric, people-first approach ensures we are ‘large enough to deliver, but small enough to care’.

We work with our clients on experience-led digital transformation initiatives. Through our experience design studio, Foolproof, we bring in product and service design thinking to provide human-centred, domain specific solutions built on cloud first digital foundations.

Most recently, our focus has been on helping our clients through COVID-19 by enabling secure 100% work from home, offering cost take-out solutions, optimising digital sales channels, and introducing a digital experience offering to help our clients and their customers stay connected.

What areas or sectors do you specialise in?

Zensar partners with some of the world’s leading brands across industry verticals. Our work creates impact throughout the business value chain by creating measurable human outcomes. We specialise in:

Banking and Financial Services – We help our clients stand out by creating distinctive visual brand identities and improving user experience whilst enhancing our clients’ technology stack.

Insurance – Our major projects with Fortune 50 insurers involve core modernisation, introducing AI/ML into analytics, customer journey mapping and world-class technical innovation in the Guidewire space.

Retail and Consumer Services –  With more people shopping online we are working with leading retailers to improve their digital channels to enhance customer experience and engagement to boost revenue. We also regularly implement connected supply chain and omnichannel hyper-personalisation.

Hi-Tech and Manufacturing – With over 20 years of domain expertise we provide solutions to enable smart manufacturing which includes AI/ML, IoT integrations and customer experience considerations from procurement to after sales service.

What profile of business or entrepreneur do you prefer to work with?

Our aim is to work with organisations who are looking for proven partners on their digital transformation journey. Our clients value our consulting led approach which helps us to create customised digital transformation roadmaps for their specific use-cases and unique challenges.

One of the more important values we look for in our clients is customer centricity. This means we can work with them on initiatives with a focus on human experience-led digital transformations.

We have offices in Reading, London and Norwich in the UK, providing the full range of experience-led Digital Transformation services to UK based clients.

Can you give any examples of how you have helped businesses?

Zensar have been a trusted partner to 70% of our customers for over ten years. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our work and the outcomes it delivers – some of our successes include:

Our expertise in experience design has helped a leading technology company boost its sales by 32%.

We implemented AI-led solutions for a global insurance leader to improve their customer acquisition by 40%.

Our work in Advanced Analytics, Blockchain and SaaS platforms meant a $50 Bn Hi-Tech Manufacturer transformed their Marketing, Supply Chain and Sales functions.

Our automation-led solution helped a leading Real Estate provider reduce its time to market by 71%.

Our solution to implement AI driven Real-time driving patterns enabled a leading transportation company to devise behaviour centric policies to reduce vehicle maintenance costs by 38%.