Over half of UK consumers to continue buying online just as often as they do now

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New research by MullenLowe Profero, a customer experience firm, aims to understand the new consumer behaviours according to UK online shoppers. The research reveals that the vast majority of UK consumers will continue to buy online – despite the high street reopening this week.

According to the BBC, people’s shopping habits have been irreparably changed due to the pandemic, seen in the fact that online giants such as Amazon have become the default marketplace for 53% of UK online shoppers.

Ecommerce will still be a major player in the shopping future, however, with 56% of online shoppers expecting to continue buying online just as often as they do now. An additional 56% say they bought more often online during the pandemic than they used to and 41% say they have shopped online more regularly during the pandemic.

When it comes to looking at what consumers have been buying online, 53% of UK online shoppers bought groceries online more often during the pandemic – and 60% say they will continue to do so going forward.

When it comes to specific sectors, fashion fans have been very much at it, with 56% saying they have bought clothes online more often than usual during the pandemic.

Although 1 in every 3 UK online shoppers hopes to go back to how they used to shop before the pandemic, eCommerce will continue to lead the way as 56% of online shoppers expect to continue buying online just as often. Moreover, 12% of those buying clothes during the pandemic did so online for the first time. Groceries were another sector that attracted first-time buyers, with 1 in every 5 people who bought groceries online during this time being first time online buyers.

Rowan Kisby, Strategy Director at MullenLowe Profero, explains: “The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in all our behaviours, but perhaps none more so than in the field of eCommerce. The sector has seen five years of growth in just 12 months and the shift to online shopping is here to stay: 71% of UK online shoppers who shopped online for the first time during the pandemic will continue to shop online in the post-pandemic world. Convenience is critical to keep this new wave of online consumers that have been won over by the surprising ease of eCommerce and will be essential to guarantee customer satisfaction. When thinking about convenience, we need to look at the experience as a whole, from ease of item discovery right through to the last mile.”

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