OWC Acquires LumaForge and Jellyfish Technologies

OWC, a zero emissions Mac and PC technology company has announced the acquisition of LumaForge, creator of the family of shared storage Jellyfish solutions and its support of the video workflow server that connects content creators, editors, colorists, graphic artists, and sound mixers.

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The Jellyfish product line adoption further establishes OWC as the provider of the most reliable storage workflow solutions available for both existing OWC and LumaForge customers and new.

The LumaForge Jellyfish product family consists of Jellyfish Mobile: The first plug-and-play video workflow server that comes with a handle. There is an extensive range of Jellyfish products that have been acquired as part of the deal.

“I am excited to welcome the amazing LumaForge team and solutions into the OWC Family. This acquisition both strengthens our enterprise/server storage capabilities and enables an even broader lineup of solutions to serve the needs of video, photography, and music professionals with some really exceptional new offerings,” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder & CEO.

“Jellyfish and LumaForge customers will continue receiving the support and development, while this trusted technology will flourish and have a whole new level of support and engagement within the OWC family.”

Josh Minney, CEO, LumaForge said: “There’s no better home for our team and technology than OWC. A legendary brand with a reputation for great products and support that countless people depend on every day. We’ve always admired what Larry and his team have built, and we are all excited to actually be a part of it.”

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