Pandemic prompts search for purpose among UK tech workers

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A survey of technology workers has revealed that people are prioritising values, purpose, diversity and the environment as they search for new roles.

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For ‘People, Jobs and Money | A Futureheads Report’,  researchers interviewed a nationally representative sample of people working in technology in the UK during April 2021.

Alongside purpose and diversity, the survey revealed that 66% of people valued flexible working hours highly, whereas perks like unlimited holiday were listed as important by just 12% of respondents.

Although people valued flexible working, the Report also revealed that people are keen to get back to the office as Covid restrictions ease.

When asked about the ideal home/office working mix, 54% of respondents said they would prefer to be fully or mostly based in the office, compared to 6% who wanted to stay working from home.

“The pandemic has given us all something to think about over the last 12 months, and it seems that people working in tech jobs are looking for something that goes beyond a financially rewarding career. Perhaps we’re all a bit more aware of what’s important these days, and how we as individuals can make a difference,” said Be Kaler Pilgrim, founder at Futureheads, a digital recruitment business.

The survey also revealed that many people have been staying put in their jobs during lockdown. One third of respondents said the pandemic has stopped them looking for a new job, while a further third said that the pandemic stopped them initially, but that they are looking again now. There are still fears about redundancy, with 34% of people concerned redundancy is looming, and 13% having been made redundant recently.

“At Futureheads, we saw a 46% increase in vacancies for digital roles between January and March this year. As pandemic restrictions ease, it seems employers are focusing on growth, and employees have the time and the energy to start looking for their next move,” Kaler Pilgrim continued. “The market for good technical people is getting busy again. To find the right people, employers need to be flexible, and ensure they are taking issues like diversity seriously.”

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