Live debate with Grenade founder Alan Barratt and more – ‘entrepreneurs are like Pirates’

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Live debate brought to you by Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Watch the mergers and acquisitions panel debate

Many experts are predicting a surge of mergers and acquisitions activity in the coming months; as companies consolidation happens across various sectors and leaders take advantage of available capital to grow their operations.

We assembled a prestigious panel for this discussion:

Richard Wilkey – Partner, Corporate at Harrison Clark Rickerbys
Alan Barratt – Founder and CEO of Grenade
Tim Spooner – Director at KPMG Corporate Finance
Joanna Scott – Principal at Boost & Co
Andrew Scott – CEO of Ascot Group
Myles Hamilton – Director at Shaw & Co

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed during the debate:
Richard Wilkey: Regarding M&A activity – is there any trends your seeing amongst your clients? And have you seen an increase or decrease in activity? (2:05)
Joanna Scott: BOOST&Co deals with some of the UK’s fastest-growing SMEs – what trends are you seeing in the M&A sector? (4:02)
Myles Hamilton: With Shaw & Co’s advisory expertise, what trends have you seen in M&A amongst your clients and in the sector? (6:26)
Tim Spooner: Is there any trends your seeing amongst your clients and in the sector? And have you seen an increase or decrease in activity? (9:44)
Alan Barratt: Having had your business acquired by major players Lion Capital, can you tell us more about this process and any advice for entrepreneurs who may soon be going through a process like this? (11:43)
Alan Barratt: How did being acquired change the way the business is run? Has it also fulfilled your expectations? (14:38)
Andrew Scott: You have bought another business in the last few months – can you tell us about this and the experience? (16:36)
Andrew Scott: When buying companies are you seeing unrealistic valuations or are business owners understanding it’s tough times? (19:38)
Richard Wilkey: What advice what you give to business leaders looking to buy or sell, in respect to how they can best work with a legal partner? (22:26)
Joanna Scott: In regards to the future, do you see there being an increase in M&A activity? (24:24)
Myles Hamilton: Regarding international suitors for UK businesses – which countries are most active? Is the US still the main acquirer of UK firms? (26:39)
Alan Barratt: For owners looking to exit how important a role does publicity play in building a business worth buying? (30:20)
Andrew Scott: Combined with whispers about Capital Gains tax changes and Entrepreneurs Relief (BADR) is now the time to buy or sell a business? (32:16)
Tim Spooner: Combined with whispers about Capital Gains tax changes and Entrepreneurs Relief (BADR) is now the time to buy or sell a business? (33:47)

Questions from the public

Tim Spooner, Alan Barratt & Andrew Scott: Does anyone think that there could be a danger for current potential acquisitions to be undertaken by people who may not have the best wishes of the acquired business at heart? Especially considering that retirement plans/cash flow concerns could be accelerated in this current climate, forcing quicker deals? (38:36)
Myles Hamilton, Richard Wilkey & Joanna Scott: What do you think the future of M&A for the travel sector? Lots of companies are facing closure after 31/10 and not cash-rich as relying on customers’ deposit? (42:39)
Alan Barratt, Andrew Scott & Tim Spooner: What impact do international developments have on M&A activity in the UK? (47:22)
• Final word from Tim Spooner (53:17)
• Final word from Myles Hamilton (53:48)
• Final word from Joanna Scott (54:30)
• Final word from Alan Barratt (55:39)
• Final word from Andrew Scott (56:12)
• Final word Richard Wilkey (57:03)

A special thanks to Harrison Clark Rickerbys for sponsoring this very special panel debate.

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