Paolo Aliatis’ tips to business success

Business is like a game of chess, and like every game, in order to achieve success, you need to play it. You need to be in it to win it. Paolo Aliatis may not be the most successful businessperson out there. Like most things, success is relative, and requires the need to outsmart the billions of people all over the world for the moment. At the end it tends to be an achievement.

Returning back to the idea of business as a game of chess, Paolo has personally failed multiple times with previous business ideas. Sometimes for lack of understanding of what he was doing, and sometimes simply because he may have been a little unlucky.

Every single failure, small or otherwise, served as a very important business lesson. Many people may well have given up after large numbers of potentially huge failures in business. However, failures can also be motivational and have the opposite effect on those willing to keep going. It has kept Aliatis motivated to keep learning, as he recognised it was in fact, useful, to help him identify more aspects of business that he previously misunderstood.

Determination, Desire and Hunger to Succeed

Like any determined individual who desires to succeed you can always learn a great deal from others. For example, a surfer will watch surfing videos and a person passionate about football will watch football every weekend. Equally, businesspeople will tend to look and work to constantly understand other businesses, other business models, other businessmen (and women) and their successes and failures.

Paolo Aliatis has always been of the firm belief that the only way to really prove yourself in business is by getting involved and preparing for failure as well as success.

Consider visualising your success that you are striving towards and your vision will slowly start to take shape. In Aliatis’ experience, success came just as easy as failure did.

Paolo Aliatis always thought that the day when he made his first million, he would throw a party and be so happy and invite everybody and let everyone know he had made his first million.

At the end it seems that for a person with a passion for business, success is undetectable because you are in the middle of the game. In Paolo Aliatis’ experiences, it is the same feeling that a sports person gets when they are winning or losing, but in the middle of the game; it takes them to the end of the game to realise they have won.

Now the problem with business is that business is more competitive than international athletics or sports, and it is a game. Unless you cash out and retire, it never ends and success is relative to who you compare yourself with. Therefore, to call yourself ‘successful’ or ‘not successful,’ in the business world is simply relative compared to who you compare yourself with.

If you compare yourself with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Amancio Ortega, the creator of Inditex, you are likely not successful at all. If you compare yourself to the average person in the street, a few million will more than likely make you believe that you are indeed successful.

Nevertheless, as Paolo Aliatis always puts it: success is in your head. For a businessman that can die in peace, knowing that he has been there and done that, that means that he or she has been successful. And at the end of the day what you think about yourself is all that matters.