Peperami to finish 2021 with £100 million valuation

Olly Murs

Peperami – the meat snacking brand – has grown at +87 per cent in value sales in the last five years and is set to finish 2021 as a £100 million brand.

During 2021, sales of meat snacks have skyrocketed, with value sales up by 24 percent in the chilled meat snacks category. The surge in sales has derived from more health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious food with functional benefits, particularly those high in protein.

The global pandemic has seen more British shoppers seeking savoury snacks that not only deliver health benefits but are convenient, great-tasting and fun to eat.

According to Pavan Chandra, Head of Peperami Marketing, a combination of exciting NPD, compelling integrated marketing strategy, coupled with strong retail partnerships which have been developed through the great efforts and skill of the brand’s sales and internal teams, has driven the brand forward in 2021.

Chandra comments: “At the start of this year, we were expecting turbulence for the snacking category as there was a level of uncertainty in the market. However, we noticed an increased consumer demand for meat snacks due to their better-for-you credentials, convenience and good value for money.”

To ensure the brand stood out in a crowded market, Peperami invested in a seven-figure campaign that spanned across PR, social media, TV and radio adverts, AR game and digital communications.

Dubbed ‘Ban the Bland’, the video content series saw three famous faces take part in a unique food-based experiment that aimed to right British snacking wrongs. Football star Rio Ferdinand, international singer Olly Murs and TV star and presenter Joe Swash took part in the campaign.

The campaign was a huge team effort supported by PR and digital communications agency, Spider, alongside media-buyers, 7stars, shopper marketing specialists, 1HQ, and creative agencies Once Upon a Time and Atomic.

Chandra added: “For the campaign, our aim was to right snacking wrongs, as British snacks as the reputation for being strange, boring, bland and dull. We wanted to show the nation how to create simple and delicious snacks using our popular range.

“Ban the Bland ran over a six-month period this year where we not only wanted to entertain our audience, but show the versatility and flavour credentials of the Peperami range.”

To drive further sales in the category, Peperami has continued to innovate and develop NPD. In addition to its popular pack of 5’s salami sticks, the brand recently introduced multipacks and single versions of its newer Chicken Bites range.

The addition of NPD to Peperami’s portfolio has helped to drive category value, with over 20 percent of the brand’s growth being through innovation this year, in comparison to last year.

To meet the demand for meat-free options, Peperami also introduced its first vegetarian meat-free snack, Vegerami Chick’nless Bites.

As consumers seek out better quality and tasting snack products, Peperami plans to ensure its range is easily accessible, and will be investing in further integrated campaigns and a pipeline of NPD in 2022.