Pete Read strengthens Bristol’s China Bureau

Dianne Francombe and Pete Read

Dianne Francombe and Pete Read

Pete Read, Chief Executive Officer of Global Growth Markets based in Victoria Street, Bristol has taken up a voluntary post on the board of the Bristol and West of England China Bureau.

The Bureau, which works to connect the people of Bristol with the people of China –particularly Bristol’s sister city of Guangzhou – has forged an increasing number of business connections with China.

Mr Read is Director of Market Insights, a new post on the board of the Bureau. He is a market researcher and business consultant specialising in China, Asia and other emerging markets and has led hundreds of assignments for many of the world’s most successful companies.

Having advised many Western companies looking at opportunities in China since the early 1990s, as well as major Chinese corporations as they expand internationally, Pete has first-hand experience of both sides of the ‘rise of China’ phenomenon and lived in Asia for 17 years before relocating to Bristol in 2013.

Bristol and West of England China Bureau Chief Executive Dianne Francombe said: “It is fantastic to have someone with Peter’s experience on the board.

“Doing business with China has unique challenges that business people in the West Country have to take on board. That is where we can help by putting people in touch with those, both in China and here in the UK, who can help with all aspects of the process.”