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Peter Duffus joins Graham & Rosen Solicitors as Consultant

Peter Duffus has joined Yorkshire-based Graham & Rosen Solicitors as a Consultant to assist them with a wide range of litigation matters, bringing over 30 years of experience to the firm. Peter has long been noted for his negotiating skills and thorough knowledge of relevant law and civil procedure rules.

He brings a long track record of success to Graham & Rosen in disputes over estates, property, insurance coverage, dishonest personal injury claims, partnerships, defamation, and professional negligence, as well as disputes over the sale of derivatives and industrial espionage, some of which have involved worldwide freezing injunctions.

    Peter commented: “About a year ago, I decided to take a career break and went trekking in Nepal on the trip of a lifetime. On my return, however, I was missing the challenge of practising law and the camaraderie of being around like-minded professionals.

    “Having known the partners at Graham & Rosen since 1993, I was aware that they worked to extremely high standards and felt I could add some value to their practice. I was pleased to be asked to join them and am confident that my long experience will add another string to their bow.”

    Graham & Rosen’s Solicitor, Finance & Managing Director, Iain Boyle, said: “We’ve known and respected Peter for many years, and are delighted to have him on board. He was at another high-profile firm for over 25 years, so his experience is beyond question, and we’re looking forward to harnessing his knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

    “Peter lives and breathes our philosophy of putting clients’ needs front and centre, and when it comes to his ability and specialism, he is at the top of the tree.”