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Pimlico Plumbers reports positive trading figures

Charlie Mullins

Pimlico Plumbers, the UK’s largest independent plumbing company, is celebrating a strong period of trading.

Chairman and Founder Charlie Mullins has steered the business through a number of devastating recessions and economic storms, and has publicly announced some positive economic news as lockdown restrictions have eased.

This month Pimlico Plumber is already 10% (£150,000) up on the first two weeks compared to the same period of 2019.

Furthermore, Charlies says that if the work continues in the same vain, Pimlico Plumbers will see monthly sales for July 2020 approaching £4 million. This compares with 2019’s July result of around £3.5 million

Charlie comments: “There is good reason to be optimistic that things will continue to get better considering the success Pimlico Plumbers has seen this month. This is great news and tells me that people are feeling optimistic about the future. In past recessions, planned work has always been the first to go as people switch to doing only essential and emergency work. This time my plumber’s barometer is behaving very differently.

“I can’t speak for all businesses, and obviously lots of work needs to be done to return such vital industries as gyms and beauty salons to the economy, but I am hopeful that the amount of activity and consumer confidence in the U-bend related sector will transfer to a rapid about-face in the fortunes for the rest of UK PLC.”