Pizza Hut Delivery and Hatch Enterprise launch new grant scheme that aims to help 97 businesses by 2025

Following the successful graduation of the first year of New Founder Programme entrepreneurs, Pizza Hut Delivery and Hatch Enterprise are moving the New Founder Programme partnership into the next phase with the introduction of a grant opportunity for participants.

The New Founder Programme is designed to help budding entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds start and grow their businesses into sustainable enterprises that have a positive, long-lasting impact on their communities. The grant will be available to support successful Launchpad and Incubator programme graduates.

Graduates of the New Founder Programme’s Launchpad scheme can now apply for a grant for up to £1,000. Those who completed the New Founder Incubator programme can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 to grow their businesses.

The grant can support participants to explore new markets, increase trading, build capacity or better measure impact. The grantees will be selected based on the impact the funding will have on their business, as well as the social and environmental outputs of the project.

Groundwork, a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK, will administer the grant programme alongside Pizza Hut Delivery partner Hatch, a charity supporting underrepresented founders to imagine, launch and grow sustainable and impactful businesses.

About the New Founder Programme

Pizza Hut Delivery is run on a network of franchisees. Many of Pizza Hut Delivery’s franchisees come from underrepresented backgrounds and started as small businesses founders – and they continue to provide valuable employment to their communities.

There is still a long way to go in encouraging business founders from underrepresented backgrounds – and offering new routes for finance is key. A report from the British Business Bank showed that access to finance is a major barrier for “Black, Asian and Other Ethnic Minority entrepreneurs, and the reason why 39% and 49%, respectively, stop working on their business idea.” What’s more, only 1% of all UK venture funding goes to businesses founded by all-female teams, which shows that more needs to be done in this space.

Partnering with Hatch Enterprise to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds is an authentic route for Pizza Hut Delivery to empower its communities and open new avenues for people across the UK to enter business.

To date, the New Founder Programme has supported 440 entrepreneurs and 57 new businesses – with an aim to reach 1,025 entrepreneurs and help to create 97 new businesses and 300 employment opportunities. The programme has three stages:

  1. ‘Hackathon’, an introduction to entrepreneurship through interactive, hands-on workshops for early-stage founders;
  2. ‘Launch Pad’, a 12-week cohort-based programme of workshops, masterclasses and mentoring to help entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground; and
  3. ‘Incubator’, a four-month programme for founders already running their business to turn their side hustle into a full-time job.

Katie Mellor, Chief Capability and Culture Officer, (Chief People Officer), Pizza Hut UK & Europe comments: “As a brand, we stand for more than just pizza. We are passionate about helping to open the door for a new generation of entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds – especially as, like our franchisees, entrepreneurs give so much back to their communities.

“Launching the next phase of our New Founder Programme with Hatch and Groundwork through this grant scheme is the perfect step to continue supporting more underrepresented business leaders to grow their businesses and thrive.”

Dirk Bischof, Chief Executive, Hatch Enterprise, said: “At Hatch, we’re committed to building a better world through entrepreneurship by removing the barriers typically faced by underrepresented founders in the UK.

“We know that access to funding is something holding a lot of these entrepreneurs back from growing their businesses and deepening the impact they are able to have in their communities. This is why we’re so pleased to be offering this new grant scheme in partnership with Pizza Hut and Groundwork. We look forward to seeing founders and their businesses thrive as a result of the support.”