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A home improvement and double-glazing company based in Bolton has met a number of positive milestones since teaming up with Purplex, a marketing agency with a focus on the construction, building products, and home improvement industries. After turning to Purplex in July of this year, Plan-It Windows have found tremendous amounts of success.

Whilst the incredible quality of Plan-it Windows’ products certainly helps them, it’s the co-operation between them and Purplex that truly pushes them to reach a wider range of interested homeowners. So what kinds of things have Plan-It Windows achieved since teaming with Purplex this summer?

A record sales month for Plan-It Windows

In September 2018, just two months after the start of their partnership with Purplex, Plan-It Windows had their best sales month yet.  Plan-It was established in 2012, so for them to hit their best sales month ever so recently just shows that they’re continuing to become even more successful and more of a household name for those in the North West of England that are looking for high-quality home improvement products. It’s safe to assume that things will only continue to get better for Plan-It from here.

A slick new website

Plan-It Windows now has a new website that was designed for them by Purplex. Plan-Its new website showcases their impressive product range in a way that’s easy for anyone to browse and find what they’re looking for. There’s also a gallery section that allows the viewer to see some of the amazing installations that have already been carried out by the Plan-It Windows team. You can see the Plan-It Windows website for yourself here.

Plan-It Windows extends their reach

Plan-It Windows has recently opened a new showroom on a busy road in Bolton, located within Greater Manchester. The new showroom allows for people to see the kinds of products offered by Plan-It for themselves, giving homeowners the opportunity to further contemplate whether they’d like said products for their home.

As you might expect, Plan-It has had a recent increase in demand and to cater to this they’ve recently invested in more company vans to support the workload. Plan-It has also tapped into new market locations like Ramsbottom to allow for more people to increase the practicality and value of their home.

An exponential level of growth

One of the biggest feats that Plan-It Windows have achieved is managing to hit the same volume of sales in just 3 months as they did across the whole of 2017. That’s not to imply that 2017 had low sales, in fact it just means that this year has been the best ever for Plan-It Windows, staggeringly so. The digital strategy put in place for them by Purplex has proved to be the best course of action for Plan-It.

Plan-It Windows and Purplex Marketing

Plan-It Windows is a double-glazing company that provides a variety of windows, doors, conservatories, and other products. If you’re interested in making your home better for an affordable price, you can contact Plan-It here.

Purplex Marketing is a marketing agency that focuses on business growth by building brands and creating strategies for those looking to succeed. You can learn more about Purplex Marketing here.

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