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Pod Group appoints new group CEO

Pod Group, a provider of platforms, software and connectivity services for the Internet of Things (IoT) has today announced the appointment of Sam Colley as Group CEO.

Sam, who has worked at Pod Group for eight years, most recently as CEO of the US office, will take over the role from company founder Charles Towers-Clark who will become Chairman. Sam will continue to be based in the San Francisco office following his appointment.

The change has come about as a result of the distinctive culture of the company, which promotes transparency and autonomous decision-making, empowering leaders to emerge. The culture, instilled by Charles Towers-Clark and discussed in his book, The W.E.I.R.D CEO, has been widely covered in the media and referenced as a “blueprint” for the survival of companies faced with the challenges of the next industrial revolution, in which automation and Artificial Intelligence will radically transform the working environment.

Following the success of the book, the interest in adopting the W.E.I.R.D philosophy by organizations of all types, from private tech companies to educational institutions has led Charles to the decision to change his role, allowing Sam and others in the company to lead Pod Group into its next phase of growth.

“I am pleased to be able to step into a Chairman role knowing that I am leaving the day-to-day management of the company in the very capable hands of Sam and all my colleagues,” commented Charles in a letter to customers.

“By taking this role I will be able to focus more time on educational initiatives related to the W.E.I.R.D philosophy.”