What podcasts should every entrepreneur listen to?

London-based direct marketing and sales gurus, London Sales Executives have recently come out and stated that all entrepreneurs need to keep on with self-improvement and to learn no matter where they are in their journey.

Managing Director and entrepreneur of London Sales Executives, Tom Harris urges all budding entrepreneurs to realise that entrepreneurship is full many twists and is all about problem-solving through creative solutions and finding ways to think outside the box to overcome common difficult situations that can arise.

It is with this in mind that Harris urges his contractors and everyone looking to be successful to start listening to podcasts. These should improve an individual’s entrepreneurial mindset.

London Sales Execs have put together a list of podcasts that everyone would benefit from listening to.

MFCEO Project Podcast

Hosted by Andy Frisella, who is the founder and current owner of a multitude of different nutrition, supplement and fitness firms. The podcast has a strong focus on how to be a CEO, to develop a mindset that allows the listener to work past any struggles they might be having in a business environment. Frisella offers excellent actionable advice that can help entrepreneurs overcome the ups and downs of trying to build a multi-million company. He includes a number of anecdotes to help educate people on the fundamentals of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

The School of Greatness

In this podcast hosted Lewis Howes (a New York Times bestseller, former professional athlete to name but a few of his credentials) he covers a number of different categories such as inspiration, business, entrepreneurship, health and relationships in short five minute episodes.

The aim of the podcast, on the whole, is to promote a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, no matter what the listeners’ career ambitions are. It is a must listen if the goal is to start living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas hosts entrepreneur on fire, and for the duration of the show, he has focused on transparency and honesty. Every week John talks about what his monthly income is and how he has made these figures since the launch of the podcast back in early 2012. He has now grossed $13 million, approximately. He often talks about how he wants entrepreneurs to emulate his successes and avoid his failures, another fantastic podcast for anyone looking for a “perfect model” to learn from and emulate.

The Gary Lee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk, “Gary Vee,” is a prominent name in entrepreneur circles. Gary has created a personal brand that rivals all in the entrepreneurship space. The ability he has to forecast trends and emphasise actions above all is what has actually powered his success.

Gary Vee also believes that the future is going to be audio and voice, he uses his podcast as a platform to promote ways to develop connections and share information about his entrepreneurial journey. A great podcast if the aim is to follow insights on how to get tasks done and find innovative ways for entrepreneurial solutions.

The Business Leader Podcast

Business Leader runs its own podcast! Listen online here or find us on iTunes!