Polar Krush announces makes several senior hires on the back of soaring sales

International iced-drinks company, Polar Krush, has appointed former sales director, Michael Reid as Chief Executive, with Financial Director, Kieran O’Connor being promoted to CFO/Chairman.

Michael Reid is the first non-family member CEO at Polar Krush. The new leadership team has been chosen to stimulate and maintain growth at the company through product innovation, talent retention and reaching new markets. The continued success of the company means that it continues to provide job opportunities at its Ashington headquarters, as well as recruiting for positions across the UK.

Michael Reid said: “We are incredibly excited to take Polar Krush forward in 2022. Kieran and I bring very different skill sets to the business, I am much more big picture while Kieran is exceptional at analysing the details of the business and the plans. We are able to positively challenge each other, and our complimenting skills mean that we can push the business forward in new and innovative ways.

“Our people make Polar Krush what it is, and we are continuing to invest in training and development for our talented team. There will be opportunities to join our team as we continue to grow, with vacancies across the business. We will also be advertising for field engineering positions across the UK.”

Michael Reid joined Polar Krush in 2014 after roles at FedEx and Apetito, a Wiltshire-based food manufacturing company.

Kieran O’Connor also joined the company in 2014 from Durham-based Greencore. Kieran will bring his experience in all areas of financial management and control to the chairman position having held positions at all levels in a number of sectors (including various manufacturers, a legal practice and a digital media business).

Polar Krush has reported an increase in HY2 revenue compared to 2018, the brands previous most successful year for sales, and credits the business’s specialist support strategy helping to maintain high customer retention levels as a core driver for their unprecedented growth.

The iced drinks firm is predicting large-scale growth in 2022 following the partnership with Unilever to launch a Frozen Carbonated Drinks range ‘Calippo Burst’, to grow the successful partnership on the Calippo slush that started in 2021. Along with the purchase of independent carbonated drinks brand 40 Kola and a new senior leadership team at the helm of the business, they are expecting a strong year.

Serving millions of cups each year in the UK alone, the company also supply machines and drinks to several countries around the world. Customers include cinemas, bowling alleys, leisure centres, ice rinks, food courts, holiday and theme parks, shopping centres, schools and independent retailers.