Polar Krush launches eco-friendly straw

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Michael Reid Polar Krush
Michael Reid, Sales Director of Polar Krush, holding new eco-friendly straws

Iced-drinks company Polar Krush has eliminated plastic straws from its brand with the launch of a 100% eco-friendly straw.

After listening to feedback from its global customer base, Northumberland-based Polar Krush has developed a unique spoon straw made from paper to replace the hundreds of millions of traditional polypropylene straws distributed each year by the food, drinks and leisure industries as a whole.

Polar Krush’s new ‘paper spoon straw’ is patent-pending, long lasting and 100% biodegradable. The striped straw took 18-months to develop from concept to production and features a spoon-like scoop at one end.

Michael Reid, Sales Director of Polar Krush, said: “You only have to switch on the television or open a newspaper to read about the concerning situation the planet finds itself in due to the high level of plastics clogging up our waterways and finding their way to landfill.  At Polar Krush, our customers are predominantly families with children and as a company, we care about protecting the world they are inheriting.

“We have already introduced initiatives to remove single-use plastics from our brand. We have changed our packaging and in addition to all our cups being recyclable and containing recyclable material, we also provide reusable and vegetable-based alternatives.”

The eco-friendly straw is the latest part of a 4-year, multimillion-pound investment programme in the Polar Krush brand, which includes investing in solar panelling at its UK factory, using eco-friendly collapsible packaging, and investing in a fleet of electric powered vehicles.

Michael, added: “At Polar Krush we have listened to our customers, who include theme parks, zoos, holiday parks, wildfowl and water parks, all of which have a vested interest in protecting the environment and reducing the impact of plastic waste on our oceans and wildlife.

“We are proud to have the most healthy and natural iced drink on the market and now we aim to have one of the most environmentally friendly, as well.  The health of our customers and the planet we share is very important to us.  Our young consumers are extremely environmentally conscious, which is reflected in the strong message that our groundbreaking paper spoon straw sends. Through this innovation, we can avoid millions of pieces of single-use plastic being released into the environment over the coming years.”

Two years ago, Polar Krush introduced the world’s first sugar-free iced drink made using Stevia leaf to act as a natural sweetener, as a direct response to the rising obesity crisis.

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