Popular South West food and drink companies bound for China to boost online sales

Lilleys Cider in Shanghai

The Great British Food Programme, an initiative delivered by Business West, is partnering up with Regroup China, a digital marketing agency which specialises in driving Chinese cross-border eCommerce sales, to launch the Great British Food Store.

The Great British Food Programme aims to connect UK food and drink producers with a host of Chinese buyers and consumers who are hungry to buy high quality British produce.

The Great British Food Store will be launched in November on the social media platform, WeChat, as a specialist mini-program and will give sought-after food and drink producers in the South West of England the opportunity to showcase and sell their products to a user base of 1.2 billion.

According to Tencent, in 2019, WeChat users spent $115 billion through mini-programs, equivalent to £88 billion.

A report published by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), showed that while exports of food and drink to the UK’s top markets fell in the first half of 2020, value sales increased by 0.3% to China.

Lee Hamber, Senior Sales Executive at Lilley’s Cider based in Somerset, who has signed up to the WeChat opportunity, comments: “Lilley’s see a huge potential in China for our products, including the sheer size of the population. There is also a growing interest in cider as well as English products, so being involved in the program is a great opportunity.

“Business West’s support has been so important as the WeChat program will allow us to tap into large audience of Chinese WeChat users and grow our brand internationally.”

James Monk, Director of Commercial Services at Business West comments: “In 2019, China was the UK’s sixth largest export market, so this program is a fantastic opportunity for South West food and drink companies looking to expand their company in a lucrative market.”

“Food and drink in the UK and the South West are recognised globally for its high quality and demand for authentic British food products from China has been soaring in recent years.”