Positive product reviews can influence product demand by up to 1,300%

A new report has found that eCommerce products with a high percentage of four and five-star reviews can lead to a ten-fold increase in search demand in some industries.

The Ecommerce Reviews Report has been created by eCommerce specialist Remarkable Commerce, and global online reviews platform Trustpilot to highlight the influence of online reviews.

The research saw Remarkable analyse thousands of one, two, three, four and five-star reviews on Google shopping, before comparing the correlation between review score and the change in Google searches for the various products.

Consumer reviews were found to be the most influential in the electronics and technology industry overall, with items that had the highest number of four and five-star reviews experiencing a search growth on Google of 248% on average in the last year.

One example product, the Blink Video Doorbell, received 97.83% of four and five-star reviews on Google, and saw an increase of 1,329% in searches on Google in the last year, the research found.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • Electronics customers found reviews more useful than any other eCommerce industry.
  • Fashion businesses make up the highest proportion of active reviews on eCommerce websites, according to Trustpilot’s platform.
  • There was a 34% increase in Google searches in the last three months for fashion items that had a large volume of four and five-star ratings.
  • Beauty reviews have less overall impact on search demand, with a growth rate of 9% for high-rated products.

In the research, Trustpilot also revealed the top ten eCommerce industries that have the highest number of reviews on its platform, with fashion, businesses services and home and garden coming top.

The top 10 ecommerce industries with the highest number of reviews on Trustpilot:

Rank Industry % of active reviews
1 Fashion 13%
2 Business services 12%
3 Home and garden 11%
4 Money and insurance 9%
5 Electronics and technology 8%
6 Vehicles and transportation 7%
7 Health and medical 6%
8 Events and entertainment 5%
9 Beauty and wellbeing 5%
10 Travel and vacation 4%


Brad Houldsworth, Head of Product at Remarkable Commerce, commented on the findings: “We’ve worked with Trustpilot on the Ecommerce Reviews Report to really highlight the value of ratings and reviews in the eCommerce industry in 2022. We want to see the extent to which specific reviews impact the searches for products.

“While our research shows differing results by industry, there’s a clear correlation between Trustpilot’s findings that consumers find electronics reviews most useful and our discovery that some technology items may influence searches by over 200%.

“Reviews not only help people to understand the pros and cons of a product, but they also encourage customers to look outside of the box and consider a brand or product that they might not have been familiar with before. For eCommerce sites, it’s no longer a situation of if you have product reviews on your site – it’s when you start to implement them.”