Which profession has the most ambitious workers in the UK?

Electrician at work

New research has revealed which professions are the most ambitious in the UK, with electricians, carpenters and plumbers unveiled as the UK’s most ambitious workers.

The average newly qualified British construction and trade worker would like to be self-employed by the time they turn 20.

The most ambitious professions of the UK have been revealed, following research investigating the average age at which people would like to work for themselves or have their own businesses.

British electricians have been unveiled as the most ambitious workers in the country, with trades and constructions workers aiming to work for themselves or have their own businesses by the age of 20.

The team at MyJobQuote undertook the research as part of an ongoing study into the experiences of tradespeople around the UK.

4,852 British people took part in the poll, all of whom were aged 18 or over, newly qualified and worked full time.

The respondents were evenly from a range of different profession categories including construction and trades, beauty and grooming, medical, sales and retail, media and marketing and financial and legal.

First, all respondents were asked, “At what age, if ever, do you plan to work for yourself or have your own business?” The average ages per category were revealed as follows:

  • Construction and Trades – 20 years old – 19% stated ‘never’
  • Beauty and Grooming – 24 years old – 27% stated ‘never’
  • Sales and Retail – 30 years old – 62% stated ‘never’
  • Media and Marketing – 35 years old – 44% stated ‘never’
  • Financial and Legal – 43 years old – 59% stated ‘never’
  • Medical and Academic – 50 years old – 78% stated ‘never’

Of all construction and trade workers who stated that they would like to be self-employed or have their own business by the age of 20 or under, the majority were ‘electricians’ (19%), ‘carpenters’ (15%) or ‘plumbers’ (14%).

All categories were then asked to reveal what their expected annual income would be by the time they retired, to which financial and legal workers expected to earn the most, with answers averaging £85,000. The construction and trades workers, however, expected to retire earliest, at just 45 years old on average.

Lisa Evans from MyJobQuote said: “When we start off in our chosen careers, we often have very high expectations of where that path will lead us – and that’s no bad thing.

“These ambitions can propel us forward and ensure that we work hard, make a name for ourselves and build our reputation in our chosen industry, helping to lay a foundation for success in the future. Whether we really do end up earning £85k or retiring at 45 remains to be seen, but with the right passion, energy and attitude we’ve got the best chance of getting where we want to!”