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In the dynamic world of business, continuous professional development has increasingly become a guiding principle across most professions and industries. Previously considered of primary importance to less experienced individuals hopping on the career ladder for the first time, professional development is now an expectation no matter how high up the professional food chain you are.

Professional development, however, is not a just a technical term referring to the need to keep your technical skills up to date and instead is now understood much more broadly to apply to a range of soft-skills.

When it comes to those in leadership roles, professional development skills are even more necessary and can have a quantifiable impact on business success. For this reason, business leaders should not shy away from their personal responsibility towards professional development and should actively seek out resources such as online training videos to do so.

Although any number of hard and soft skills could fall under the umbrella of ‘professional development’, two, in particular, stand out.

Firstly, conflict management is a crucial tool to leading a team but is often only ever taught ‘on the job’. However, getting a firm grounding in some basic guiding principles that will allow you to identify and handle conflicts before they lead to further repercussions will have a big impact on communication and longer-term success.

And secondly, although by no means of less importance, is stress management and resilience training. As the head of a company, innumerable stressors, both personal and professional, will build up over the course of a working day and begin to cloud your focus. This can often build to the point where your ability to reason and make decisions will be noticeably impaired. At no point in our educational or professional careers, however, are we given specific training to manage these emotions. For this reason, undertaking a free training course which equips you to properly manage your stress is essential to a long career in a leadership position.


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