Property managers plan 10 more jobs

Andrew Simmonds

Andrew Simmonds

A Bristol-based property management business is set to recruit ten more people over the next six months as the trend towards apartment living in the region has led to an increased workload.

BNS Property Management are responsible for more than 200 sites in Bristol and the South West, ranging from apartment blocks, Georgian buildings divided into flats and newly-built developments with communal responsibilities.

The current trend for developing apartment blocks in areas such as central Bristol, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare leads to more and more people having management responsibilities for communal areas with maintenance, insurance and other issues proving difficult.

In order to accommodate the ten new staff members, the company intends to either extend the existing Downend offices, or to take on additional office space in the local area.

BNS Managing Director, Andrew Simmonds said: “There has been steady growth over the last six months to such an extent that we have converted some of the meeting rooms in our head office to offices, and we are now looking at extending the space further or even taking on new premises from which to base the new recruits.”

“We are anticipating further growth over the next six months and the ten new jobs are aimed at ensuring we keep the levels of service our customers have come to expect.”

The new roles include a maintenance manager, a property inspector, some maintenance workers and office-based accounts staff.