Proquo AI appoints new advisory board

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott

ProQuo AI – the AI-powered brand management platform – has announced the launch of the company’s new Advisory Board to propel its advancements across Technology, Marketing and Science.

In line with the launch, ProQuo has appointed its first two members, namely industry pioneers David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Stanford University and internationally acclaimed author of The Brain: The Story of You, alongside Professor Sophie Scott, Director of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience to lead the charge.

David and Sophie join the newly formed Advisory Board to help ProQuo further refine its understanding of consumer behaviour and applied psychology science, through the application of their industry knowledge and scientific expertise; helping brands on the platform to grow with certainty. The pair will soon be joined by other industry heavyweights across the Technology and Marketing sectors.

David is best known for his work on sensory substitution, time perception, brain plasticity, synesthesia and neurolaw, joining ProQuo to deepen the understanding of what happens in the brain when people have a deep relationship with a brand. With over 130 peer reviewed academic papers published, Sophie will apply her studies in psychology and cognitive science to unpick the role of neuroscientific technique in accessing people’s real feelings, versus their claimed opinions. Both will create video based content, host pioneering events and produce thought leadership content on brand management through a neuroscientific lens.

David Eagleman, Neuroscientist, CEO & Author comments: “Our brains make decisions based on many factors at once: in a sense, we are each a ‘team of rivals’. ProQuo is the first company to take on this framework to understand consumer behavior in a way that is compatible with modern neuroscience. I’m thrilled to be joining ProQuo and look forward to driving brand growth through scientific development. ”

Sophie Scott, Director of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience adds: “ProQuo have been implementing psychological research in a thoughtful and important way, and I am really pleased to be part of this work. A significant, real-world application of relevant and important neuroscience.”