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Southwest telecoms business Pure Comms is doing its bit for nature by participating in a nationwide Rewilding Project.

Residential and business premises up and down the country are being encouraged to create Rewilding areas to give back space to mother nature and Pure Comms has thrown its weight behind the initiative.

And it’s hardly surprising, as the company houses some of the world’s rarest reptiles including Pythons, Skinks, Iguanas, Poison Arrow Frogs and Geckoes in an aquarium at its headquarters just outside Bristol.

Pure Comms resident Zoological expert, Danny Tainton, created the perfect environment in the company’s courtyard area in February to attract all kinds of wildlife.

The raised paved area has a pond, small stream, and waterfall and is currently made up of wildflowers such as poppies, cornflower, and campion, while dragonfly nymphs and beetles have been put in the pond. And the team were also looking after some Painted Lady Butterfly caterpillars which they released into the Rewilding area when they turned into butterflies.

Pure Comms CEO Rob Vivian, whose love for nature and animals is well known, said: “Taking part in the Rewilding Project was perfect for us. Being next to farmland, we are ideally located to encourage flora, fauna, and animals of all variety to take up residency in our Rewilding area.

“The area has really come into its own in the last week or two, having benefitted from the prolonged bout of heavy rain we had, and with summer now here we’re hoping to see a lot more native wildlife beginning to take up home there.

“Posts around it on our social media channels are being well received and we plan on creating a lot more content to document its progress over the coming months.

“It has also provided an excellent talking point for visitors and makes our courtyard look much more attractive, having been just a pile of shrubs and weeds before.”

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