Quantic: Changing the landscape of business education

The business school of the future has arrived. At Quantic, their goal is to democratise elite business education through their innovative and leading MBA and Executive MBA programs.

For students, Quantic’s two programs offer the opportunity for business leaders and entrepreneurs to make the correct steps in becoming the next generation of business leaders.

The Quantic MBA

Selective in admission, Quantic’s MBA program assembles global cohorts of high-potential, early-career learners to deliver a modern, mobile-first MBA curriculum that’s paired with collaborative peer-learning, events, and workshops to help growing professionals reach their career goals.

The Quantic Executive MBA

The highly selective Executive MBA includes the core MBA curriculum and is supplemented with advanced specializations for mid-career leaders and entrepreneurs. Like the MBA, this degree program is highly collaborative, with group projects, optional weekend-long events, and a Capstone Project in which students develop a business plan from start to finish.

How businesses are investing in their workforce through Quantic

An increasing number of companies are offering tuition assistance benefits to employees – helping them pursue their educational goals whilst continuing to work.

Compared to other elite, traditional MBA programs, Quantic is radically affordable. This enables employers to invest in developing their high-potential leaders, at scale. In addition, Quantic’s innovative, mobile-first teaching method means employees can study without disrupting their work in any way.

Quantic students are able to integrate both hard and soft skills developed through the program to help them reach their potential as leaders and positively impact the ROI of organization. The learning is rooted in communication, leadership, and analytical thinking skills that drive corporate innovation.

Another differentiating factor that makes Quantic an outstanding choice is that its network is like no other ​​– spanning the globe with students and alumni from over 150 countries. Finally, optional virtual and in-person events provide the opportunity to network and learn with influential leaders from some of the world’s top companies.

For more information, visit quantic.edu

How is Quantic helping to create the next generation of business leaders?

Business Leader spoke to Tom Adams, Chairman and Co-Founder of Quantic School of Business and Technology, about Quantic and how it can help businesses in the UK up-skill their workforce. Quantic is the world’s only accredited mobile-first graduate school and is making distance learning dramatically more effective, engaging and affordable. Tom is the former Chairman/CEO of Rosetta Stone, which he took public on the New York Stock Exchange, and was previously on the management board at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.

What is Quantic?

Quantic is building the modern graduate school, initially with an MBA degree as the world’s only mobile-first, accredited, global program. We help busy, ambitious executives and professionals develop the skills they need to take their career to the next level and solve the toughest challenges in business and technology.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses that provide the knowledge needed to create a well-rounded leader. Accounting, data and decisions, supply chain and operations – these courses will help our students understand a business and its operations from the bottom up. We’ve seen students actually benefit from some of our courses in real time. One student, for example, was wrapping up our strategy courses that covered mergers and acquisitions – while his own company was getting acquired.

What separates you from other education providers?

Quantic competes with traditional MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, and MIT – but where we differ is that our technology disproves the long-held assumption in higher education that online learning comes with trade-offs. Students don’t have to trade engagement for convenience, or quality for cost. Our students don’t have to move, quit their jobs, or make any sacrifices to get the quality education that they are looking for.

Fundamentally, we do this by having the best learning system (one that’s dramatically different pedagogically), and by applying the same standards of selection for our students that the best schools have, while allowing students to access the learning anywhere.

How can you help UK businesses?

Of course, some of our students are entrepreneurs or in senior leadership, and in general, those students pay their own way. However, we partner with employers to provide our MBA and EMBA (Executive MBA) programs to admitted students that are mid-level executives and professionals. As competition

for talent increases around the world, especially in the UK, offering internal mobility is proving key to retaining employees. On the other hand, we are also seeing those who pursued our program open up their own business and follow their dreams.

Why should someone apply to study at Quantic?

If you are ready to move up in your career, start your own business, or want a career change – our program is for you. Quantic is forging some of the next big leaders across several industries, like tech, science and, of course, business. Most people hesitate to make certain career moves because they perceive themselves to lack certain know-how. We help transform capability and confidence so that dreams become reality.