Raft of promotions and hires at engineering firm bring total of female staff to 50%

Iva Dimitrov - Dice

Iva Dimitrov

Statistics published by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) show that a mere 12.37% of all engineers in the UK are female.

Multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Dice is challenging the stereotype of engineers being mostly male and providing opportunities to encourage more women to enter the profession.

The East Midlands-based business prides itself on having a multicultural and diverse workforce, with 50% of staff being women.

Having recently announced a raft of female hires and promotions, Dice has also invested in its apprenticeship scheme, which provides an ‘earn while you learn’ incentive during a time when traditional university pathways have been made difficult as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Iva Dimitrov, who recently joined Dice as a senior civil engineer, has more than five years of experience working on a variety of national schemes.

Iva comments: “I have always known that I want to be in a profession where technical skills and problem solving are integral parts. I grew up in a small town in Bulgaria and my closest role models were my mother, who is a mathematician, and my father, who is an engineer, so naturally engineering was my first and desired career choice.”