Video: are R&D Tax Credits the Cashflow ‘Vaccine’ your business needs?

Access2Funding event with Business Leader

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Protect your finances with cash rewards supported by the UK Government. R&D Tax Credits offer a quick cash injection or tax saving as a reward from HMRC for the research and development your business has already undertaken – and the best part…they don’t even need to have been successful!

On average, limited businesses with more than one employee receive £57,000 per yearly claim with R&D Tax Credits.

We spoke to Dawn Coker (Chief Operating Officer), Thomas Ferguson (Head of Business Development) and Brian Sainsbury (Partner & Manufacturing Specialist) from R&D Tax Specialists Access2Funding to get details on this crucial source of income that your business could be missing out on.

In this interview, we discussed:

  • Dawn Coker: How have you found the last 8 months as a business? (0:59)
  • Dawn Coker: What challenges are you finding businesses are facing now? (1:50)
  • Thomas Ferguson: How can R&D tax credits and similar tax relief help businesses? (3:15)
  • Thomas Ferguson: How much can a business typically get back? (4:21)
  • Thomas Ferguson: And does it suit a certain type of business more than others? (5:21)
  • Thomas Ferguson: Can you give some examples of what type of businesses have benefitted from R&D? (6:35)
  • Thomas Ferguson: How can R&D tax credits help industries, like hospitality and manufacturing, which have been more impacted by the virus? (8:20)
  • Dawn Coker: How can these tax reliefs help companies in the manufacturing sector specifically? (9:45)
  • Brian Sainsbury: Can you tell us how you have specifically supported manufacturing business with R&D? (10:47)
  • Brian Sainsbury: Are there certain businesses like food manufactures sceptical about claiming? (13:41)
  • Thomas Ferguson: Where can people get in touch with you and your team? (14:52)

Access2Funding have returned over £11.7m to SMEs since the pandemic began, and their team of Accountants and Tax Specialists have a 100% R&D claim success rate. Contact their team today by visiting their website or by emailing