Rebrand for cloud and cyber security specialist Stripe OLT

During a time of immense change, Stripe OLT, known mostly for their work with Bristol Airport, Hargreaves Lansdown and Knotel, have announced their rebrand.

Developing their Microsoft competencies over the last ten years, Stripe OLT have recently dominated the Cloud and Cyber Security market, growing by over 30% in 2020.

This week, the Cloud and Cyber Security specialist, released their new logo and respective services, to represent their growing presence within the Microsoft sphere, aligning their experience as Cloud and Cyber Security experts with the new, post-COVID, business technology market.

Their new image marks the launch of a new era for Stripe OLT.

Thomas Robbins, Director at Stripe OLT, said: “We’ve been fortunate to gain a large amount of visibility in the Cyber Security sphere over the last year, and this has only been enhanced by the acquisition of our FTSE 100 expert, Ryan Pullen. Since gaining our new Head of Cyber Security, this division has grown by over 50%, and as such we have been able to work on some very large public projects. It’s an exciting time for us and I can’t wait to develop our offerings in this area even further”.

Hannah Evenden-Morley, Marketing Manager at Stripe OLT, comments: “It was time to evolve. Our experience was no longer aligning with a 10-year-old image, and the team needed to be fully represented. We have been experts in Cloud technology for over 5 years now, and we needed to bring this in line with our experience in Cyber-Security. We’re a fast-growing business and I’m eager see where the new brand will take us”.

Projects in Security Vulnerability, Data Security and Cloud Migrations have propelled the Microsoft expert, Stripe OLT, into a national realm, with intentions to grow further during 2021.