Recruiting staff in the digital age

recruitmentBLM caught up with Phil Davies, Managing Director of Abatec Reruitment to find out his views on recruitment in the digital age. 

Recruiting staff has never been more challenging, or more out of the ordinary.

The diversification of media, the rise of digital and the advancement of networks mean the war for talent is now a multifaceted web and a smart player’s game.

Is a more digital focused approach the inevitable path? Or is a more strategic solution required?

I believe that three quarters of the UK workforce are open to being approached by recruiters, almost eight in 10 have an up-to-date CV and over six in 10 have an up-to date LinkedIn profile.

From one perspective this signals a natural tendency to be inquisitive:

What other opportunities are out there and how are others being remunerated, rewarded and motivated?

It is human nature for individuals to be inquisitive about new opportunities and to wonder whether the grass is perhaps greener on the other side.

Yet what starts as inquisitiveness could lead to a more serious issue for employers: Retention.

If three in four professionals are open to hearing about new job opportunities, how confident are employers of their people’s loyalty?

Companies who want to avoid staff turnover and retain or acquire top talent in 2015/16, need to ensure they offer a strong employee value proposition.

The war for talent is far from over and organisations that don’t make their people feel important, that don’t help them stay engaged, grow their skills and unlock their potential, will lose them.

Any successful hiring process should begin with mapping the ideal candidate an employer wants: their roles and responsibilities and therefore skills and experience, aptitude and traits.

Only then should the focus switch to what that ideal candidate wants.

Putting the right candidate in the wrong job is as costly an error as putting the wrong candidate in the wrong job!