Refused Car Finance becomes a Newcastle United Executive Club partner

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Refused Car Finance has become a Newcastle United Executive Club partner. Based in Killingworth, the car finance brokers see their branding broadcast throughout St. James’ Park each matchday, reaching more than 50,000 supporters.

The business was formed by Craig Rutherford in 2014, who has grown the business from an office in a car dealership to a 20-person team.

The Newcastle United Executive Club stems from a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the Football Club. However, being associated with the Football Club holds an added appeal for Craig Rutherford.

Craig said: “From being a boy and having the heroes of Malcolm Macdonald and Terry Hibbit through to the Kevin Keegan era, it’s in the blood. It’s a religion of its own; it’s not just a vocation.

“So, when it comes to the opportunity of being involved in sponsorship to people like us – North East Newcastle United fans – putting our message in front of like-minded people, that’s what we’re about. We’re talking to our sort of people, and we are one of them.”

As Newcastle United Executive Club partners, Refused Car Finance see their company branding displayed on crowd-facing LED screens, as well as StadiumTV and StatZone screens within the concourses. This approach enables businesses to engage with supporters throughout every game.

Craig said: “It gives us added credibility. It means that we have branding that people can connect more favourably with, because they recognise the brand from their social life.

“You don’t change your car every week. Being aware of a brand for when the time does come that you to change your car is important. It’s one of those brands that you hope would stick in the mind and be familiar to our demographic in the area.”

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