Response to revolutionary changes

Denys Rayner

Denys Rayner

A south west based solicitors have responded to the revolutionary changes in Legal Aid.

Pardoes has this week introduced a number of initiatives designed to help people living in the region obtain access to justice.

New Government rules introduced mean that Legal Aid for most family cases has disappeared.

One of Pardoes’ new initiatives includes a pay-as-you-go divorce and family advice service, designed to reduce legal costs and allow individuals to have full control of their case.

Instead of instructing a lawyer to manage the case from start to finish, an individual will represent himself or herself, seeking the help of a lawyer only when needed.

Other changes include strategic partnerships with the UK’s top after-the-event legal expenses insurers to ensure that there is still a viable alternative for people contemplating a clinical negligence claim.

Chief Executive Denys Rayner comments: “There is no doubt that the removal of Legal Aid is going to have an immediate and dramatic effect on many people.

“What is worrying is that no one really knows what the true impact will be. New schemes will help, but the danger remains that many will feel forced to go down the DIY online route.”