Revealed: The young professional capital of the world


The Dutch capital of Amsterdam has been crowned the most desirable city for young professionals and millennials to live in.

According to the Millennial City Ranking Report 2020 and wider research by luggage and shipping experts My Baggage, the second most popular city for young professionals is Toronto in Canada; with Berlin coming in third.

This is according to the yearly Millennial City Ranking Report by CEOWorld which rated cities from across the globe.

It looks at housing conditions, employment opportunities, culture and lifestyle, population trends, and income levels.

My Baggage took a deeper dive into the best cities for young professionals, and Montreal, Manchester and Bristol also feature high up on the list.

A spokesperson for My Baggage said: “There are so many incredible opportunities for young professionals around the world. Which got us thinking, how do you go about deciding where to live?

“First things first, people have a desire to earn money, so the average starting salary of the city is important. It’s good to have a baseline understanding of each potential city, so you know generally what to expect in terms of remuneration.

“Then we need to know which city has job opportunities, and how expensive it is to live there. As a general rule of thumb, around 30% of your pre-tax salary should go on rent or your accommodation. If rent is higher than this, you may need to prepare to make budget cuts in other areas or look at other more affordable cities.

“Then it’s all about networking and having fun, so which cities have a good bar and restaurant scene?

“Now might not be the perfect time to take the plunge on a new lifestyle abroad, but it’s a great opportunity to plan and get the full picture on each possible destination.”

From affordable housing and transport to thriving job markets and culture, here’s My Baggage’s pick of the hottest spots for young professionals.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
The first city on the list is one of the most innovative cities in the world – a real creative, diverse, and cultural hub of activity. It’s also second on the list of most LGBT-friendly cities in the world.

With low living costs and a culture that prides itself on a healthy work/life balance, this is a great place to build a career.

Dutch workers are ahead of the game when it comes to working from home, having done it as the norm for years now. The average pay is higher than many other major European city, which leads to a higher standard of living.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto is Canada’s largest city and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. Cosmopolitan, cultured, and fun-loving, with an edge for those that like to make things interesting.

Toronto scored highly when it comes to things like the success of local start-ups, LGBT friendliness and food. It is home to millions of foreign-born residents, with around half the population having been born abroad – including plenty of young professionals

Living costs aren’t the cheapest though, so young professionals may need to compromise here. Toronto takes pride in being a dynamic, creative and safe place to live.

Berlin, Germany
Next up is the German capital, well known around the world as one of Europe’s best creative and cultural hubs.

A forward-thinking and green city, the price of living is extremely affordable and the start-up scene here is huge. Fast-paced with plenty of new businesses, there’s a wealth of opportunities for young professionals in Berlin.

With a vibrant culture and a multinational population, there is always something going on, ranging from street art and singing, among many others. The nightlife is also another thing to look forward to in the city.

Montreal, Canada
Low crime, affordable rent, world-leading public transport, plenty of job opportunities and plenty of young people around. What’s not to like about Montreal? Well maybe if you don’t like festivals, seeing as there are over 100 festivals here a year. All this and more make Montreal a great destination for young professionals.

Manchester, England
The business scene in Manchester is one of the main reasons the city attracts so many young professionals and graduates each year. The Manchester business scene has grown massively over the years, now boasting a number of huge business names and independent start-ups.

Keeping occupied isn’t a problem in Manchester, with a fantastic food and drink scene, vibrant nightlife, endless shopping choice and plenty of cultural attractions. Manchester residents are spoiled for choice in things to see and do.

Manchester can be compared to London. There are similar business prospects and a similar amount of cultural and leisure attractions. One way that Manchester and London differ, however, is with affordability, with Manchester being a lot more affordable than London.

Bristol, England
Perhaps a surprise inclusion, but there has to be a reason why so many young professionals are flocking to Bristol.

There has been a recent rise in young people living and working here and it has become one of the most attractive, creative, fun, tolerant, and outward-looking places to live in the UK and globally.

Young people are drawn to city centre living by a combination of access to jobs, leisure facilities and cultural pursuits. The city is known for its vibrant cultural and arts scene, which is certainly a magnet for young professionals.

Many young professionals are looking abroad for employment opportunities and a new culture.