Richard Branson: No deal Brexit could bankrupt Britain

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British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has made a stark warning to UK politicians and businesses, as he believes a proposed ‘no deal’ or ”hard’ Brexit could leave the UK in financial ruin.

Branson stated that leaving the European Union without a deal would lead to a series of problems and closures for companies across the UK.

The Virgin Group founder also stated that Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed version of brexit was not a good enough offer when compared to remaining within the EU.

He made the declaration during Virgin Galactic’s space launch in the Mojave Desert in California, USA.

Branson said: “I think Theresa May needs to be 100% honest with the public. She’s admitted that a hard Brexit would be an absolute disaster for the British people. From our Virgin companies’ point of view, a hard Brexit would torpedo some of our companies. If British business suffers, British people will suffer, and it’s really really important that people realise that.”

His statement came just a day after May won her vote of confidence, meaning that she can remain in office for another year.

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