Rick Stein says he won’t pay staff whilst his restaurants are closed

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Celebrity chef and restauranteur Rick Stein has said he won’t pay his staff’s wages, whilst his restaurants are closed.

He said staff will not be paid for over a month while his restaurants are closed; and will get no money until the end of April, when the Government is expected to pay wage subsidies to businesses that have shut down.

Many business leaders, who are applying for government support, are stepping in to pay staff salaries whilst they wait to reclaim 80 percent of staff wages under the new Corona Virus Retention Scheme launched by the government.

On the company’s Instagram page he wrote: ‘Our attention is now on how we get through this challenging time so we can continue to look after our people and customers for many years to come.’

Managing Director Ian Fitzgerald comments: “Rick and Jill are committed to looking after their staff and suppliers and the best way they can do that is to ensure that they still have a company at the end of this terrible time; that everyone can keep their job – their responsibility is for the long term.

“All staff will be paid, in full, for all the hours they have worked on the next scheduled pay date which is Friday 10th April.  All 600 employees have been furloughed in order to protect them.

“Although the government has acted swiftly in their commitment to cover 80% of salaries for all staff, the portal for applications will not be available until the end of April and monies will follow in the weeks after that, which is not until May.

“If we honour staff salaries in the meantime the company may have to close permanently and that won’t benefit anyone.  We are working day and night with our insurers and bankers to look at solutions to pay staff the hours we would have expected them to have worked had we been open, in the hope that we can fund these payments before the grants would be paid.  We await further details from the government.

“We look to the strength and power of the media to keep the pressure on the government agencies to implement the policies as quickly as possible so that we can pay our staff and for the insurance companies to honour the policies purchased to protect companies.”

He said that once the Government salary subsidy scheme comes into effect, staff ‘will receive it immediately. If we can find other funding from our bankers and insurers, we will make payments and these things may happen within weeks.’

According to sources, his culinary empire is reportedly worth over £30 million.


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  1. Will not be going to any of his restaurants now, he is a very wealthy Man, his staff are not, this is a very difficult time, you cant take it with you, shame on you Rick Stein

    1. It’s typical of the wealthy not to give a monkey’s about there staff .We must all remember the bosses who would not pay hard working employee’s . The only thing we can do in future is STAY AWAY FROM THE PLACES THAT SHUN THERE STAFF.. I used to like the man

  2. Reading your biography. So sorry you can do this to all the people who help in the good times, how about the bad???
    Really disappointed.

  3. The staff will still get 80% of their salary. Surely it is better to have a job to go back to after this than nothing. Just because someone is worth a certain amount doesn’t meant it is available as cash. The restaurants will still need to be maintained, leases paid etc.

  4. I hope when everything is back to normal, people will remember this and blackball his restaurants. Especially when people are volunteering to help in the NHS and doing their bit.

  5. Shame on you,Rick Stein. Hang your head in shame. No longer will I buy your books or watch your TV programmes.
    I can assume your not one of the half million people who have volunteered to help the NHS.

  6. Doing the right thing at tough times is the
    true measure of a legacy, with a guarenteed 80% back pay, i am sure this could have been covered at this time and retro claimed, business rates etc are also supporting currently…assurances should have been the position taken in my view

  7. I was a huge fan of Rick Stein until I read this. He is an extremely wealthy man. Being an employer carries huge responsibilities towards loyal staff. Have a re-think Rick.

    1. I honestly think people who have made money with the help of great staff should be made to pay they’re staff, because you take all the glory, when you staff does most of the hard work behind closed doors shame on you Rick, tar you with the same brush as Tim weartherspoons

    2. All the hard work staff members have put into his empire will not be appreciated when times are hard but I suppose he and his family have plenty no family finance worries I’m really surprised thought he was more caring

  8. Love his programs, love his restaurant. But at a time like this when people need help and support, its a disgrace. Bet he doesn’t struggle to pay bills, or put food on the table. It won’t hit him now but it will when he reopens. People don’t forget, boycott his restaurants.

  9. A month ago my wife and I supported one of his restaurants charity lunches with some of the proceeds going to the Australian fire fighters, because that’s where he lives when he’s not here promoting his book and TV programme!! Spare us the sob story Mr Stein, this May come back to haunt you.

  10. Oh my word… i am a huge fan or Floyd and Stein and felt so much affinity with them. Their business and personal morals however may not resonate with me, only their passion for food and ingredients. I don’t wish to pair floyd with this scenario only i want to show the respect as a food enthusiast and chef and their producer. I imagine there is a busines consultant guiding rick and jill, and that morally it is best to protect theeir business so staff have a future after this with the company. When a business owner needs to put personal wealth into a business thst should be self sufficient it is underpinning… but in this case i would say rick and jill have been misguided and their morals have been tested, thst in this unique situation their passion for their business should will them to sustain their loyal staff in this time of hardship.

  11. Surely this is terrible PR for him and would make people not want to go to his restaurants in the future. I for one won’t be supporting his businesses in the future

  12. His staff make his restaurants how can he f9rget that I love sandbanks padstow but his staff are superb shame in you Rick stein another customer lost

  13. Considering the nature of our present climate and very sad, frightening time for everyone. The fact that we are all are worrying about who will be ill next. Some of our population are doing brave jobs in the front line This includes all NHS staff right down to the cleaners /porters, plus all the people who are keeping our essential food and pharmaceutical chains going. Also not forgetting the very brave and important ambulance staff and police. There will be great losses to some families. What will the wealthy be remembered for????? Very sad that certain wealthy business persons lack empathy and knowledge of the struggles of ordinary working people they have been working for them. They would do well to remember there is no’I’ in team… Your wealthy and prosperity are the out come of them so called very ordinary people that you have choose not to support in a disastrous time of need in the world…

  14. Alot of people here say they will boycott his restaurant because he refused to pay his staff but the same people here will not boycott Chinese products, restaurants and takeaway.
    The government have said they will sort it out for employees, employers and business owners. So what is the big deal with what Rick Stein plans to do.

    1. I would not be to sure , I think that people will take vengeance on Chinese products . This could be start of the public buying products from Europe and creating jobs and wealth at home instead of fueling the Chinese economy , it’s been a a long time coming !!

  15. If you blackball the restaurants you will defeat the object, and put workers out of work. I do agree Rick could pay a retainer, and recoup some of his outlay in May.

  16. Keep your staff,who you say are loyal.
    Sack your advisors.
    People have long memories and are your customers. They along with Padstow will never forget this betrayal to your staff in this crisis.

  17. Ok so your workers might have a job to come back to so that’s the most important thing.
    So how are they supposed to eat, drink and pay bills until the end of April.
    Try engaging your brain and change your mind.

  18. Hopefully someone will open a new place near his and all his staff can go and work there when this awful time passes! It is his staff that makes the restuarants – cant see him slaving over a hot oven 50+ hours a week – its only his name. Now named and shamed I too will refuse to have him on my TV

  19. It’s the multi millionaire that are always too keen to protect themselves and their horde of cash. Definitely shameful when you see how so many are putting their lives at risk to help others..and going thru financial hardships

  20. I agree will all of the comments left, his staff deserve better. I’m sure plugging the gap while the government scheme is organized would of proved a better PR exercise. A man of the people at this time would of made him a hero, instead of the villain he has become, sorry for the pun, but “I’m alright Jack”springs to mind.

  21. 600 staff.£200 per week for a month until the Gov pays out… Half a million pounds..surely he can afford this especially as he will get it back.Misstep here and it could be costly when things back to normal.

  22. Your finished greedy man I used to watch your programs and been to one your restaurants that’s selfish and greedy your worth a fortune you should be looking after your staff who the engine room of you empire karma will prevail you greedy man

  23. His statement in response to the reporting is essentially that the business can not afford to pay the staff until the money comes through and so it’s better the staff wait to be paid and have jobs to come back to. What nonsense when he has a personal wealth of tens of millions. Make a Directors loan to the company of even £600,000 (1% of his wealth according to some reports) and that would pay all 600 staff £1000 until government cash came through. It’s not even a risk he knows the government money is on its way.

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