Salmon smokers Smokin’ Brothers set to appear on Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars

With a signature slice and a unique smoking process, award-winning brand Smokin’ Brothers is redefining the smoked salmon market, and company Co-Founder Vincenzo Gentile is due to appear on Gordon Ramsay’s new Future Food Stars, which airs tonight on BBC 1.

Founded by three friends originally from Italy, the Smokin’ Brothers are on a mission to transform the way we eat smoked salmon and offer consumers nationwide a gastronomic taste experience.

Crafted in the heart of the Cotswold’s, the Smokin’ Brothers smokehouse is truly unique. The salmon itself is sourced from the last family-owned salmon farm in Scotland, which has strict standards, as much as any organic certified farm would. This is essential for Smokin Brothers, as the quality and sustainability of the raw material is a key element in their process.

Following the designs of a traditional Norwegian smokehouse, each side of salmon is hung and smoked in a blend of beech, oak and juniper using a ventilation system to emulate the traditional Nordic winds. With a constant flow of freshly pumped smoke steadily working its way around the salmon to infuse each piece.

Each side of salmon is then sliced using the Smokin’ Brothers’ signature sashimi slice, offering consumers the chance to enjoy the rich flavours and textures with every bite.

Smokin Brothers produce their salmon to work with people, they do not work with huge corporate companies, or boards of investors, that own the huge salmon production farms in Scotland.

Smokin’ Brothers is also the first smoked salmon brand in the world to create fully recyclable and compostable packaging, ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of what they do.