Savvy Sport Mum Launches UK First Protein Bar for Children

Marina Wegorek

A former banker has launched a new healthy snack business aimed at children.

Marina Wegorek, who spent over 18 years in the financial services, quit her job as an accountant turned banker to set up a sports nutrition business, aimed at supporting the digestive systems of active, sporty children whilst encouraging them to make healthier choices in life.

Marina, mother of two and founder of ProYouth Nutrition, comments: “Last year my daughter Ava joined a competitive swimming club. This meant she needed to fit in swimming five times a week in addition to her usual tennis, ballet, drama and music commitments.

As such, we explored a huge range of healthy snacks that Ava could eat before and after training to support her active lifestyle throughout the day without having energy crash midway through her swimming.

“We tried over thirty different varieties of snack – all of which she rejected!”

Marina says most of the snacks on the market are high in refined sugar, so she began working with a team of leading applied sports and exercise scientists, life science practitioners and nutritional experts to develop a range of snack bars suitable for pre-activity energy fuel and post activity replenishment of the depleted energy stores essential to exercise performance.

The business is one of only six out of fifty newly founded businesses to win funding and support from the European Regional Development Fund and the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (an initiative managed by London South Bank University that aims to support new emerging founders of new products innovation within the UK food and drink industry).