ScreenHits TV raises £1.6m in Series A funding

ScreenHits TV, an intuitive UK-based super aggregator for at home content streaming, announced today that it has raised £1.6m in Series A funding. The investment, which brings the company’s total funding to £4.2m, will be used to continue building consumer brand awareness, secure new subscribers and expand into new markets worldwide.

Spearheaded by entertainment industry veteran and tech entrepreneur, Rose Adkins Hulse, ScreenHits TV was developed to provide consumers with a single and easy-to-use interface that combines their pre-existing streaming subscription services, videos, and live channels.

Currently in beta, and slated to launch for public use in the US and UK this fall, ScreenHits TV is committed to minimizing consumer streaming fatigue by helping viewers discover and seamlessly watch content across the top providers including HBOMax, Amazon Prime, and Netflix – all without searching and switching between numerous app interfaces. ScreenHits TV will also provide an essential service for those looking to “cut the cord” with traditional TV packages, by creating specially curated bundles that allow users to subscribe to and pay for only the channels they’ll actually watch.

“ScreenHits TV was created based on expertise from over a decade of experience on the business side of the entertainment industry, and we are well positioned to understand the all too common pain points with TV and video streaming, for the consumer as well as for content creators and streaming services,” states Founder and CEO Rose Adkins Hulse.

“ScreenHits TV was built to tackle these challenges for both parties. On the consumer front, ScreenHits TV delivers the most feature-rich aggregating service available today. It offers the functionality of grouping multiple subscriptions under one umbrella, accessing all subscriptions with one sign in, the ability to search all of your channels and platforms in a single use search engine, and stored payment to easily add additional programming.

“For providers, ScreenHits TV helps to drive traffic to their platform and create discovery opportunities in new territories and for their original programming. Customers currently are spending 90% of their time on just one app out of all the apps they may subscribe to, and not fully taking advantage of their other subscriptions, which often leads to subscription cancellation. ScreenHits TV gives the consumer equal discovery opportunities on each platform and reminds them what they are watching across a number of apps and channels, minimizing churn for providers. This new funding will allow ScreenHits TV to continue investing in marketing and advertising initiatives, helping our problem-solving platform reach even more customers globally.”

As an Africian British American founder in technology and entertainment, Hulse has witnessed first-hand the barriers to funding that exist in the traditional VC ecosystem. Because of this, she has instead taken a more diverse approach to funding her business. This Series A round brings continued participation from a number of notable UK-based angel investors, including Edward Mackay, Rory Flemming, Lord Reay, Jonathan Marshall, and Paul Atkinson of Par Equity, who have already invested in the brand’s prior rounds and are committed to furthering its growth. ScreenHits TV has also successfully secured match funding for the round via Britain’s Future Fund. This fund is a government program developed in response to COVID-19, wherein UK-based entrepreneurs can apply for funds to match or supplement what they have raised from third-party investors.