What IT security issues will businesses face in 2017?


Chris Pottrell

Chris Pottrell, Director at Nebula IT Services, outlines security issues businesses will face in 2017 and how technology can help them stay on top of opportunities and threats.

In 2016 there were many high profile data breaches that hit the headlines. Household names like LinkedIn, Dropbox and Cisco were among those affected. In September, it was revealed that a hacker had stolen details from at least 500 million Yahoo email accounts two years previously!
It’s clear that working out how to keep your data secure is going to be a priority when deciding this year’s IT and business strategies.

Keeping on top of traditional dangers

It’s important to understand that your business data is susceptible to being compromised by a third party in many different ways. These include familiar vulnerabilities like weak passwords, leaving a laptop in a public place and even social engineering to convince a staff member to give up a password.

Opportunities and threats in the cloud

Offering powerful storage solutions, access, flexibility, and productivity, cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and the Xero accounting platform are rightly becoming ever more popular. But cloud technology comes with dangers too.

It’s vital that you fully understand where and how your data is stored and who has access to it.
As with data stored within your office space, there are ways of detecting if somebody is accessing or trying to access something in the cloud that they should not be. More complicated is when a bad person exploiting your data uses the account details of a bona fide employee.

Solutions we will see in 2017

This year, we at Nebula are expecting more and more businesses to put extra security in place. Some of this security will be to detect and protect against already understood attacks.

But we also expect to see the latest techniques in machine learning and behavioural analytics being applied to uncover abnormal activity and identify advanced persistent threats. This will allow swift action to be taken to protect data.

Controlling the threats to your business data is just one of the IT challenges that businesses face in the coming year. With emerging technologies designed to help your businesses flourish, there are many positives to consider too.

Stay on top of all these threats and opportunities and let IT help your business flourish in 2017.