Simon Sinek famously said: ‘blow your business up before the market does it’ – but what if you don’t?

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Rita Trehan sat on wood stairs
Rita Trehan

Rita Trehan is an international speaker and business transformation expert with over 20 years’ experience. She’s helped Fortune 500 companies and large corporations worldwide to improve operational efficiency, performance, consistency, and profits.

Rita is a Business Leader columnist. 

This year presents unprecedented times for companies and business leaders alike. Against a backdrop of macro-economic uncertainty, a turbulent political landscape and technology proliferation, it is not the fittest leaders who will stand out from the crowd.

Instead it will be those willing to push the boundaries of the tried and tested; those who know that the best trait is to always be thinking about what comes next. And of the various characteristics which drive success in this area, perhaps the one with the greatest potential to shake up the status quo is what I like to call ‘relentless reinvention’.

This is not a new concept however, and while 2019 presents an increasing number of challenges, reinvention and transformation have always been essential for businesses that want to stay in business. Transformation used to be a once-in-a-lifetime event but now, it has become imperative for every organisation.

Put simply, business leaders must constantly seek new insights and fresh ways of approaching problems and opportunities. Running an organisation is a continuous cycle of creation and destruction – different ideas, personalities, behaviours will influence your decisions in unexpected ways, but transformation must be at the centre.

Be brave 

You stand at the helm of your business – you must set brave new courses and should not be afraid to cast out aged processes to make room for innovation.

Everything must work towards the inevitable goal of success. Strong leaders must seize uncertainty, change and ambiguity as an opportunity to question whether there is a better way to do what they are doing, and explore the next ‘big thing’, which for them may be just around the corner if they look hard enough.

Create a Vision for your company and your brand around transformation. What would that look like? Years from now, what would your industry, competitors, media and candidates say about that vision?

On the flip side, leaders who become complacent or are unwilling to welcome change will inevitably be left behind, while those who choose the path of transformation stride ahead.

Thanks to the ubiquity of modern technology, businesses are no longer restricted by their location, size or access to resources – companies can now engage with thousands, if not millions of customers across multiple channels. But business leaders shouldn’t restrict themselves by failing to introduce digital transformation projects to constantly improve their products or services and the way these are offered to customers.

I can’t say this enough: transformation comes hand in hand with running an organisation.

The success stories of the third decade of the 21st Century will be those who reinvent and reposition themselves constantly, so they are poised to capitalise on opportunities. It’s the brave and courageous who dare to think that there is a different way to think about leadership and company longevity that in my books, will be the winners at the end of the day.

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  1. Well that was 5 minutes of my life that I won’t get back. This article tells the reader nothing that they would not already know, perhaps your columnist could use some of her apparent expertise and experience to share some of her (as opposed to someone else’s work) success stories of business transformation. What was the problem, what did she do, what was the result, what did she learn? That way the reader may be able to stay awake and learn something.

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