Simply Different. Simply Unlimited – Q+A with Jason Small, Co-Founder of WestSpring IT

Jason Small

In our most recent interview, Business Leader spoke to Jason Small, who is Director and Co-Founder of WestSpring IT, about the history of the business and its plans for the future.

What made you start WestSpring?

Phil (Co-Founder) and I had both been experiencing the same frustration working for Managed Service Providers, that it was profit over people. For a service-led industry, the service being delivered was (and still can be) below par. Many providers were working very much on the basis of if something breaks, we’ll fix it. Or you have a problem that needs us to come out to fix, that will cost more. Or if you’ve already used your support credits this month, us fixing that is going to be an additional cost. We saw a gap in the market to provide IT support with a difference, where great service and a first-class client experience is at the core. In order to do this, we knew we had to use an unlimited model, and that’s when WestSpring was born.

So what does your unlimited support model look like?

It really is as simple as it sounds. We charge clients one flat monthly fee and we provide as much over-the-phone or onsite support as you require. Unlike most, we don’t charge our support per user, as we don’t believe in penalising businesses for growing.

Why do you offer unlimited when so many others don’t?

Put simply, we want to act as your in-house IT team, and in order to do so, we can’t have any restraints. With no limit on how much time we can spend going to visit clients, especially in the early stages, we can really get a good understanding of your business and how you work. This translates into providing the most suitable and effective IT solutions. Every business is different, and we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’.

Whilst so many issues can be resolved remotely, sometimes it’s most effective to come onsite and fix it in person. Take a printer problem, for example, the time it takes for a client to keep testing the printer with every tweak we make can be dramatically reduced if we’re onsite doing it for you.

With more traditional support models where support is paid for by the hour or onsite call outs are charged as extra, people often put off getting things fixed.

What sets WestSpring apart from the competition?

Apart from our unlimited model, it’s got to be the people. When building our team, we put a great importance on personality as well as skillset, in order to maintain the WestSpring culture.

Our team aren’t your typical IT team. We are real people – approachable, friendly and know how to translate techy jargon into language that makes sense to you – without being patronising. We spend a great deal of time getting to know each and every client from the moment we onboard them.

It’s common sense to us, in order to be able to truly look after your business, we need to take the time to get to know how you work. But it doesn’t stop there; we regularly visit our clients, whether to discuss an upcoming IT project or (usually) just for a general catch up. Building great relationships is why we have a 100% client retention rate.

With IT playing such a pivotal role in businesses nowadays, we understand the importance in delivering a reliable, approachable, first-class service. <