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Sir Graham Watson MEP visits engineering company

Sir Graham (left) & Peter Ritchie (right)

Sir Graham Watson, MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, recently visited an international high-tech engineering company based in Yatton, North Somerset.

Kember Associates is an international science and technology organisation which has a global reputation for the management of the design and building of factories which make the chips which go into your mobile phone, laptop, car and even your fridge.

This year it is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding with a record number of contracts.

They also recently completed the design and the overseeing of the installation of the first phase of a gallium arsenide fabrication factory at Tomsk in Siberian Russia.

Head of Kember Associates organisation, Peter Kember said: “Tomsk is the third most important academic city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and is home to the country’s oldest university.

“Tomsk is a high tech city and has many similarities to Silicon Valley in the USA. One fifth of the population are students and it has recently benefited from the oil boom.”

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