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Sir Richard Branson ‘very proud’ of Priory link

Sir Richard Branson Centre

SIR Richard Branson says he is honoured to have a new learning centre at Priory Community School named after him.

The Academy Trust has officially named their support-to-learn centre after the self-made tycoon because of his incredible business successes despite having dyslexia and poor academic performance as a child.

The school is building the £1.4M Sir Richard Branson Centre to inspire thousands of students to achieve their dreams.

Other people mentioned on Priory’s ‘list of inspirational figures’ include Sir Winston Churchill, who had a speech impediment, Einstein, who had learning difficulties, and Joss Stone who had dyslexia.

Sir Richard said this week: “Very proud that Priory Community School have named their support-to-learn centre after me. Education is very important, and having the right environment to learn is vital.

“Thinking differently has helped to shape the Virgin Group. Hopefully this new centre can help more young people find their own ways of thinking and new routes to success.

“I see you have also named Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill among the figures to inspire students, and I wholeheartedly agree – they still inspire me today.

“Thank you very much for this wonderful honour, and I hope to hear much more from Priory Community School graduates going on to achieve great things in the future.

Priory Community School has become one of the best schools in the nation and its free school meals students are also achieving UK-record-breaking results.

Principal Neville Coles said: “Sir Richard Branson is one of Britain’s biggest success figures of the last 50 years, and living proof that children can overcome difficulties to achieve outstanding success in life.

“We want all our students to dare to dream big, and to believe that all things are possible.”