Six things your business needs to finesse remote working

Earlier this year 46.6% of people in employment in the UK did some work from home, or 57.2% in London. 86% of these employees started remote working because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As we face another lockdown, and numerous possibilities for the future, it is important to think about how your business conducts its remote working. Though we may be getting better at it, here are 6 things your business needs to finesse the way you work from home.

Unified Communications

Unified communications can streamline your business’ multiple comms channels into one programme that can be integrated into already-existing infrastructure. Something like the business phone systems by Gamma can increase employee productivity, make it easier to work from home, and improve customer service. This phone system can be used anywhere in the world, making it appear that they are in the same country as the one in which the business is physically located.

Support Systems

Now more than ever we need to focus on mental health. Make sure that your business has necessary support systems in place to help your employees. If this is remote IT support, regular check ins with line managers, or updated training practices, this can go a long way to helping your employees do their job successfully.

Screen Breaks

Encourage your employees, and yourself, to take regular screen breaks. Before we had our daily commute to gear up for the day and unwind on our way home. Now our whole house can feel like our office. Regular screen breaks will help employees to work productively and keep their energy levels high for the full day

Updates Schedules and Routines

Do you have training documents or step-by-step working instructions online? Update them so that they include the instructions for doing these tasks from home. Update your staff on changes as soon as you hear about them so that they stay in the loop and up to date. Edit your day-to-day scheduling to allow for your staff to log and take their screen breaks, so everyone knows who is at their desk and when. Update, update, update!


Create a sense of community even whilst everyone is in separate places. Maybe a couple of times a week you all take a virtual coffee break and have a chat about the kids or your furry companions. During this difficult time we can all band together to support one another, so that no one feels alone. It might not replicate the good time you spend in the office together, but it sure helps

Embrace Working Online

As much as we would love to see each other in the office every day, sadly we may not get to for a while. To really finesse remote working in your business, you need to really embrace working online and remotely, allowing your workforce to learn and adapt as we move forward into the future.