Skinora: Finding the best products for your skin

E-commerce skincare outlet Skinora is taking a new approach to the industry. Rather than just selling brands, the company empowers and educates the customer to help them achieve great skin. They do this by focusing on the ingredients relevant to a person’s skin type and concerns, hand selecting products that produce measurable results.

Skinora achieves this through its ‘Skin Type Quiz’, which is then used to start a consultation with a doctor to help find the best products.

The company’s Doctors and dermatologists are the Co-Founders Dr Anna Puri (CEO) and Dr Lucinda Appiah (COO).

To take the quiz – click here.

The products chosen by the dermatologists are unique to the customer’s skin type and lifestyle. Skinora work directly with carefully chosen premium skincare brands, keeping up to date with developments and clinical studies.

They do this in order to provide products that have a measurable and positive effect. Customers can rely on the company to deliver genuine products and never use third party suppliers.

These bespoke offerings are not available in stores or other e-commerce websites – meaning that the best place to get this high level of skincare service is with Skinora.

Known for working with the biggest brands and suppliers within the industry, their goal is to promote a healthier approach to skincare that is proactive in providing the best plan for their customers.

During the consultation, Skinora will provide all the information regarding the choice of products, including all technical specifications and the reasons behind selecting them.

All information collected during the quiz and consultation will not be given to other parties and will remain confidential.

As Skinora themselves state: ‘Our equation is simple: our expertise + your input + premium quality products = a personalised programme that delivers real results.’

What happens after the consultation?

Following the short, three-minute quiz, and receiving the customised skin care programme from the dermatologists, a customer can then choose and pay for the products that they would like to purchase. The assessment involves many different factors, which allows the dermatologist to customise the best skincare options for a £10 fee.

A customer can try the service once, or should they wish to repeat deliveries, they will receive 10% off any new orders. The £10 can then be redeemed against anything purchased.

Following any orders, the products will be delivered to a customer’s home. Each delivery will be customised every order to adjust to changes in the seasons and lifestyle factors. This is done to provide the best skincare options all year round.

With more than 12 years’ experience in diagnosing and treating skin conditions, Skinora’s expert doctors and dermatologists are in the perfect position to recommend products and treatment for the various skin care concerns people are facing today.

What skin care concerns should you be aware of?

According to the Skinora website, there are six different categories of ‘skin concerns’ to be aware of – and all can be tackled with the help of the company’s dermatologists and the range of products.

The six categories available on Skinora are;

  • Anti-Acne and Blemish Skincare Products
  • Anti-Ageing Skincare Products
  • Skincare Products for Dry Skin
  • Skincare Products for Pigmented Skin
  • Skincare Products for Inflamed Skin
  • Skincare Products for Dark Circles

To learn more about each of these categories, please visit the Skinora website.

What brands do Skinora work with?

Skinora only works with the leading companies within the industry, and the products selected following the consultation are renowned across the sector for their quality and results.

A customer can shop for individual products, or they can be a part of the package following a consultation with one of Skinora’s experts.

Companies who supply products to Skinora include SkinCeuticals, ZO Skin Health, CeraVe, La Roche-Posay, Obagi, Vichy, Neostrata, Exuviance, Avene and Glo Skin.

Within these companies, there are a wide range of products including cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sunscreen, antioxidants, retinols, serums, exfoliators, masks and eyecare.

Currently, the company are offering ‘Skinora Limited Edition Skincare Kits’ as well as their other products and services.

These kits are curated by their specialist medical team and are produced in limited quantities each month. They are available to purchase on the 1st of each month for five days. You can sign up to be the first to hear when the kit sales are open, and to receive a password to purchase a kit. You can sign up here.

The kits tackle five different areas of skin concern: aging, blemishes, redness, dryness, and pigmentation.

What do Skinora customers make of the service and products?

In an ever-growing industry, full of established and emerging companies, it can be difficult to choose the right company and product range for your skin type.

With Skinora’s quiz, consultation, and industry-leading products, they have established themselves above others within the skincare sector.

Here is what some of their customers have had to say on their experiences:

Faria S, London

The quiz is very thorough and took me through each aspect of my skin and skincare routine, even things that I’d never thought of! I am now looking forward to trying out my products.

Vicky L, Newcastle

Skinora have been amazing in helping me find the right products to work with my skin. The personal recommendations gave me options to create the best regime to deal with my skin.

Jess E, Northern Ireland

I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail that the skin care quiz demonstrated. The products I received are of a very high standard and I love that they have been chosen specifically to compliment my own skin. Looking forward to seeing great results with my personalised regime!

Neyat B, London

Skinora takes the time to understand your skin care needs in a way that is informative, in depth and innovative. The process actually helped me learn about my own skin and recommended the product options that were tailored to my needs. Thanks Skinora!

Sam D, Berkshire

The whole process was so simple and professional! Now I have a personalised routine in place, best suited to my skin. Absolutely fantastic! My skin feels amazing!

To learn more about Skinora, visit their website.