Skyburst fireworks light up both ends of the UK

The Skyburst team

A West Country company, with its headquarters in Upper Langford, has lit up both ends of the United Kingdom at once – in what has been described as a unique achievement.

Skyburst The Firework Company was called in to provide a spectacular firework display at Stromness Shopping Week in Orkney and at the same time a team was despatched to provide an evening of fireworks at the opposite end of the country Land’s End.

A team from Skyburst travelled to Orkney island to present a display that was designed on specialist software at Skyburst’s HQ in Upper Langford

At the same time another Skyburst team was at the Land’s End tourist attraction producing their In The Skies firework show.

Alan Christie, Managing Director of Skyburst said: “We have firing teams all over the country but it was very special to think that we had displays going on at the same time at completely opposite ends of the country.

“We have lots of displays in Scotland this summer and have just delivered all the fireworks to a secure storage facility in Scotland so our teams can then simply pick up the displays when they are ready to fire them.

“Fireworks provide a spectacular finale to so many events and help to keep tourists in areas later in the evening, spending money on food and drink, so they are remaining popular with the top tourist destinations.”

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