‘Slender Man’ meme valued at almost £850,000 in NFTs

Retail broker Eurotrader has measured the value of 100 popular unsold NFTs to create an NFT Meme Calculator. Using previous meme NFT sales, Eurotrader calculated the cost per view of these memes and found that the ‘Slender Man’ meme was valued at almost £850,000.

Each view was worth approximately 5.7 pence and the study used this as a benchmark to find an average cost per view across all the memes sold and to calculate the estimated values of other popular unsold memes on the web.

Recently, NFT memes have been gaining a lot of attention, with many popular ones either being sold or currently in auction. ‘Doge’, the origin inspiring another cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin’, sold this year as an NFT for a whopping £2,910,200, alongside other old favourites like ‘Grumpy Cat’, ‘Trollface’ and ‘Bad Luck Brian’.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are an emerging cryptocurrency. They are a form of digital property and essentially a unit of data stored on the blockchain, proving that a digital asset is completely unique. Traders bid on digital items to ‘own’ it, whether it’s artwork, a song or even a Gucci handbag.

Top 10 most valuable unsold memes

Meme Views Predicted value
Slender Man 14879030 £849,401.61
Navy Seal Copypasta 13998713 £799,146.81
Lenny Seal 13005993 £742,475.24
Forever Alone 12150830 £693,656,41
Zerg Rush 11820338 £674,789.56
Me Gusta 9149205 £522,302.16
Loss 6338760 £361,861.82
Flipping Tables 5888282 £336,145.31
Ugandan Knuckles 5549546 £316,807.84
Dolan 5459572 £311,671.48


Out of the most popular unsold memes, Something Awful’s ‘Slender Man’ is estimated to be worth the most if sold in auction. With 14,879,030 views, this meme is calculated to be worth nearly £850,000. Since its creation in 2009, the ‘Slender Man’ meme has been instilling fear in children around the world, even getting its own game and film.

Closely following is ‘Navy Seal Copypasta’, with an estimated NFT value of £799,146.81. This meme received popularity for its satirical portrayal of the ‘internet tough guy’ or ‘keyboard warrior’. It has received 13,998,713 views since 2010.

Completing the top 3 is ‘Lenny Face’. Its earliest recorded sighting was on a Finnish imageboard, Ylilauta in November 2012. With 13,005,993 views, this meme could be worth £742,475.24 if it goes up for auction.

Eurotrader’s NFT calculator also shows some of the recently sold memes have perhaps been bought for considerably more (or less) than their predicted worth. Top seller ‘Doge’ exceeded its estimated value by an astounding £2,127,254.36, selling for just under £3 million, but Eurotrader predicts it to be worth around £782,945.64.

‘Trollface’ on the other hand, sold for less than the calculator predicted, only earning the seller £118,190.50. This is £503,006.78 less than Eurotrader predicted.

Meme NFTs biggest difference: value versus sale price

Meme Sold price Predicted value Difference
Doge £2,910,200.00 £782,945.64 £2,127,254.36
Trollface £118,190.50 £621,197.27 -£503,006.78
Ermahgerd £3,637.75 £332,716.26 -£329,078.51
Disaster Girl £344,131.15 £97,917.27 £246,213.88
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy £5,638.51 £234,814.97 -£229,176.46
Scumbag Steve £51,517.82 £270,092.73 -£218,574.91
[10] Guy (Really High Guy) £9,458.15 £167,499.67 -£158,041.52
Bad Luck Brian £34,194.85 £188,139.59 -£153,944.74
Deal With It £25,464.25 £128,205.67 -£102,741.42
Clarinet Boy £12,182.58 £101,916.86 £89,734.28


Speaking about the study findings, Nick Whitehead, Head of Product at Eurotrader commented: “NFTs are an exciting market to explore. Since they first started gaining traction, they have been at the forefront of media attention.

“It’s interesting to see so many memes selling for less than predicted. It will be fascinating to monitor how sale values continue to change, and whether the average price per view alters over time. As trading enthusiasts, we at Eurotrader find this unlikely moneymaking scheme fascinating and are eager to see how it evolves over the coming months.”