New social network to help businesses connect with community projects

neighbourly video 1A newly launched social network has been launched to help businesses connect with community projects. is a new social network which makes connections between socially responsible companies and community projects looking for funding or volunteer support.

Founded by Nick Davies the site is designed to help communities get together to raise the profile of projects and charities which need help.

Nick comments “With a strain on local government funding, people are increasingly choosing to take control of their communities and they’re turning to companies for help.

“In fact 90% say companies should be doing more in their community. Most companies would gladly do more if it were easier to do so.”

Nick says the neighbourly site is a valuable tool for companies as it de-risks association with smaller community-led organisations and charities by showing where they are, who runs them and what they plan to achieve.

Historically, these types of projects have been difficult for companies to locate and support due to lack of visibility and information.

neighbourly changes that by providing a mapped database of local community projects with information on the project’s goals and what support they need.

It is free for individuals and community-led organisations and charities to set up projects, and join the site.

But there is an annual membership for participating businesses which benefit from project search tools, a ranking algorithm, adoption functionality, company homepages and adopted projects timelines, employee engagement tools, reputation management destinations and data and analytics dashboards.

To date, 70+ projects seeking sponsorship for a variety of needs have been posted.

In January 2014, neighbourly will open the site to companies, at which point businesses will be able to start watching and adopting projects.