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Social Value Portal makes first offering for the UK’s small businesses

Online Social Value measurement and monitoring platform, Social Value Portal has launched its first dedicated offering for the small business community.

Targeting organisations with less than 50 employees and a turnover of less than £10m, the new membership package is designed to cater to the needs of the many small businesses looking to optimise their own Social Value and gain the competitive edge – with minimal expenditure of resources.

The new membership, which can be paid monthly to aid cash flow, includes:

  • Group onboarding to get started on the Social Value journey
  • Access to the widely recognised measurement framework, the Social Value TOM System™
  • Expert data validation for transparent reporting
  • Monthly consultancy surgeries
  • Up to 10 live projects managed via the Portal
  • One free license for the Social Value Academy

Social Value Portal recently surveyed more than 700 Social Value practitioners and found that 82% expect their organisation to spend more time on Social Value over the next three years.

Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal said: “As Social Value continues to rise up the priority list for most organisations, I firmly believe that having a robust Social Value programme holds the key to business growth for the small business community.

“Over the past year, we have received an unprecedented number of enquiries from small businesses looking to find out how they can measure, report and use their Social Value initiatives to build their customer base – and win work with the public sector.

“More often than not, small businesses already deliver Social Value in their communities, so this new membership package is designed to help the sector capitalise on what they already have in place – and optimise it to support ongoing commercial development.”

Social Value explained

Social Value is the value an organisation contributes to society beyond a reported profit. This can take the form of donating staff time for volunteering, committing to sustainable procurement practices, offering apprenticeships and training programmes, buying and employing locally or reducing carbon emissions. Where profit is measured in standard accounting terms, Social Value is measured by actions.