South West exports buck the national trend latest figures show

Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Figures released today by HM Revenue and Customs revealed that the total annual value of UK exports decreased by 2.6 per cent to £285 billion in the year ending June 2015.

But, the South West region has bucked the trend with the total value of South West exports increasing 5.6% to £14.5 billion

The South West also saw an increase in the total number of exporters over the same period; and the regions top export partners by value were Germany, France, USA, Ireland and Italy

Phil Smith, Managing Director of Business West, comments: “Today we see a welcome boost for the international profile in the South West, with the total value and number of exporters on the up despite a national decrease.

“This shows us that the world loves West Country products, with an increasing appetite for the goods that local firms are creating day in day out.

“Over the past year South West firms have exported £14.5 billion goods and services, firmly putting our region on the world map.

“Expanding overseas is really worth considering as research shows that successful export businesses achieve greater growth and higher profitability.”